I asked Winnie why he thought Ned wouldn't be at school today.

The show starts in ten minutes.

Where did you get these pictures?

I might as well tell Seth, too.

I will eat some sweet chestnuts.

Did you know that if you plug a pickle into an electrical outlet, it glows and makes buzzing noises?

Which way is Cory's room?

I got scammed.


You must study your whole life.

Let's drink.

She lost her hat, but soon found it.

My life is coming to an end.

As soon as I got home, it began to rain.

This could be very dangerous.

If you order tonkatsu at that place, it also comes with a mountain of cabbage.


I thought you said you were bad at French.

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Sjouke is an avid hiker and likes nothing better than getting out on the bush trails whenever he can.

I cut my finger with a knife.

Learning languages comes easy to her.

They ate a pizza with goat cheese.

Cathryn doesn't know what it's like to be poor.

Sid is very dangerous.

It made me feel lousy.


When was the last time you cooked a meal?

When do we get to see your pics?

That was really important.

I think I can tell you what's going on.

I am eighty-five years old.

I think your dreams are achievable.

I think we should wait.


It was stupid of me to believe that!

I don't like being a secretary.

At Christmas he went out of his way to buy me a really nice model plane.

Mah can speak three languages.

Who tried to kill you?

The medic knew that it was a carcinogenic substance but didn't inform the authorities.

I was too short to reach the top shelf, so I asked Saiid to get the book for me.

We take that seriously.

She spoke in a weak voice.

It is not the correct solution.

I remember seeing him somewhere.


Where can they be?


This is way I am refusing the offer.

You won't trick her; she knows a thing or two.

I want to make sure what time I'm supposed to leave.

I like the colors on this painting, but it's far too small for me.

You can't help him.

At first, I didn't believe her.

The village is connected to our city by a bridge.


You can't move as fast as Knapper.

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How close to Irving have you gotten?


This offer does not meet our requirement.

Have you ever travelled alone?

I should be done in an hour.


Did Sumitro let you borrow his umbrella?


Don't get rough with him.

I've seen your driver's license.

My car is red.

I've got to get dressed for school.

I will give you the money.

Air provides considerable thermal insulation when trapped in a chamber.

She is very anxious about your health.

Now, I'm going to be honest with you.

The teachers were divided on the issue.

When did you get there?

We're all winners.

I had a bad cold and was in bed for a week.

I can't put up with his violence any longer.

Tao is completely confused.

You're still underage.

Eddie made a great deal of money last year.

Spike is painting the deck.


You should've done it.

Hey, come on. Don't make a face.

Ima introduced himself to the people behind the counter.

Patty really made me feel at home.

They blocked the flow of water from the burst pipe.

I failed to come on account of a heavy snowfall.

Sherman promised to send the check by mail.

What item was it?

Father took his place at the head of the table.

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Can we trust you?


He prefers the country to the town.

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That's what I'm really worried about.

It'll be hard to convince her.

There is no doubt that I would not have been able to do this without your help.

What do you have under the hat?

Tell Jared I'm hungry.

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Please fix that.

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I'd better go talk to Ernest.

Hardly had he arrived at the hospital when he breathed his last.

Arthur is convinced that Gunter is still alive somewhere.

Does a uniform eliminate class difference?

We are opposed to war.

Do you have any idea of how difficult is to do this?

Tell me. I'm all ears.

In regards to practicality, the world seems to be governed by varying degrees of fuzzy logic. In other words, things aren't so black and white as you may think at times.

He returned to his home in Tennessee.


Where do you think Per wants to spend his summer vacation?

Should I give the signal?

Nils and Adam are both from Boston.


There was a smash-up out on Route 66 today.

I saw that the door was open, so I went in.

Let's hurry up.

Claire ate a healthy lunch.

I call the computer "Tim".


I don't eat out very often.

I've got my guitar in the trunk of my car.

You will find your bicycle somewhere in the neighborhood of the station.

Carole has just lost his job.

Today, many problems were encountered.


I'm going to make it just in time.

We're not leaving.

She loves her parents a lot.


Dan, an FBI negotiator, tried to talk to Linda.


I was very nervous.


Kyle slept through a show on TV that he'd been looking forward to watching all day.


Let's hurry so we can catch the bus.

Would you help me post this letter?

Darin was too well connected.

I don't know what, but I felt in my heart something that gives me the chills.

Did Gypsy arrive on time?


They must be brothers.


I heard voices in my head.

Is it really so hard to believe?

I didn't know Alexis was your girlfriend.

I saw a stranger standing at the door.

That's an excellent idea.

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I don't feel up to it.

You might have to do this all by yourself.

I try to never eat after 8:00 p.m.

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Vijay isn't so tall.

Lenny nodded his head.

The girl walked slowly.

I was astonished that she had done it.

She has just turned twenty.

I don't want to tell my girlfriend.

Computer games are a way for him to pass time.


The radar was jammed.


Has the house got a garden?

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Joachim was the very last to arrive.

If you are capable of doing good for someone then do not hold back.

Be patient!

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Jem was really tired.

She kept questionable company.

Let's finish up in a hurry.

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What do you usually eat with red wine?


We're going to the movie theater.

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Don't get into trouble.

He is very kind to me.

Saify tried to avoid getting caught.

I forgot how beautiful it was here.

Beware of pickpockets.

You'll need some money.

Many libraries also provide wireless local area network.


Envy is the companion of honour.


I don't even want you here.


Diana was robbed at gunpoint.

I don't like such sports as boxing and hockey.

I didn't want to split up with Marcia.