I want to become a teacher of Japanese.

That's too simple.

A poet looks at the world as a man looks at a woman.

The fuel gauge is broken.

I have to go meet Marie.

I'm not a wealthy man.


I suffer from asthma.


I just want what's best for Sigurd.

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I didn't use the door.


Can you hold on a moment?


Frederick now knows why.


Manners maketh man.

Ernest played the violin.

Sergio got off the bike and started to run.

He is hardly friendly with his fellow workers.

Please cancel our order.

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I'm as healthy as a horse.

Jack is Kirsten's second cousin, I believe.

Oh, while I remember, it seems that that was a bug that occurs when you use the comment field's 'letter-spacing' tag which adjusts the tracking.

We can come again to this place.

I want to learn that song.

Her dress was made of very cheap material.

They are hungry.


Alvin won the Eurovision Song Contest.

The talisman he's wearing is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Janet put on some lipstick.

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The boy may have told a lie to please his parents.


Let's leave the matter as it is for the present.

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Graeme seems like a nice boy.

May I suggest another possibility?

The police chief resigned.

I think Bert likes baseball.

I don't want you fighting over me.


A genius is a person with extraordinary creative abilities.

There were no fewer than five women standing outside, claiming to be his wife.

I tried not to laugh.

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.

Where did you get to know her?

Christopher refused to carry Bradford's suitcase.

A bee sting is a painful thing.

I won't fight you.

I just realized that I'm quite ignorant about the world.

There are over 2,500 types of snakes in the world.

The natural logarithm of e is 1.


It's time for your afternoon nap.

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Is that your cat?

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What's your favorite newspaper?

I waited all afternoon in vain.

Brendan has always known that he would eventually run his father's business.

The soul that desires God to surrender himself to it entirely must surrender itself entirely to him without keeping anything for itself.

Stanley finished doing the dishes.

This house is vacant.

Takao is addicted to Coke, but he doesn't like Pepsi.

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I have no intention of staying here in Boston.

I have known Omar since I was a little boy.

Rogue told me something the other night that I think you should know.

I would be happy to do so.

Cole was sitting on a stool by the stove.


Shall you be able to come tomorrow?


Never give up. Never surrender.


At seventy, my father is still very active.

You couldn't say that was a plan with any sense of reality to it.

Varda is now a senior at Harvard.

Not without sorrow shalt thou twice speak words so dire.

Who would better his state should look to his foundations.

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I stopped by a bookstore and bought and interesting book.

I couldn't stop giggling.

She has taken up knitting in her spare time.


Both men were killed.

I thought Ronald would want to know about that.

I'll go and see Barry.

What are you going to do in Japan?

Will exhaled sharply.

Gerald is thirty pounds heavier than Ronni.

It seems that the burglar broke in through an upstairs window.

My suggestion is that you not give Lindsay any kind of gift.

Never have I read so terrifying a novel as this.

I think I might be able to find Brian.

You send us letters.

You're supposed to be recovering.

Kathleen doesn't want to sleep.


I'm so in love!


People are strange.

That sir isn't a teacher, he's a doctor.

Cathy seems to like music.

Why fight it?

He could ski well when he was young.

She can't love you.

The new road will benefit the people living in the hills.


Shannon gave Elijah a mischievous smile.


I can't burden Spyros with that problem.

"What are you thinking about?" "I was thinking about you."

I was teaching.

I don't like my neighbors.

No one is listening to us.


Malus got wet to the skin and caught cold.

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in a day.

His remark was not intended to be a factual statement.

How are you going to solve this problem?

Please go ahead of me, because I have something to do.


I was thinking of getting a dog.

I made a good shot at the exam.

Her bed is next to the wall.

I hope I don't let anyone down.

She tore away the stickers from the window.


Bruce is strong.


Kimmo doesn't like to talk about his problems.

The students missed class three times in a row.

Seventy percent of the British people don't speak a second language.

Tell them what you want to do.

What a fool I was to do such a thing!

You know it yourself: a man without any documents is strictly forbidden to exist.

He's a pretentious boy who thinks he's better than everyone else.

She hasn't forgotten these rules.

Would you like another beer?

TV is also not what it used to be.

The train from Krakow to Warsaw had to stop because of a young Muslim who had started to say a Mohammedan prayer.


Teruyuki is behind in his rent.

Don't talk to anybody about this.

We estimate the damage at one thousand dollars.

Charlie said he's had enough of that.

Mother have read a book to her son.


I can't keep up with you if you walk so fast.


This is a message from Angus.


Rabin is one of our research assistants.

Andrea couldn't help but cry.

Of the three boys, Bill behaves most politely.

I'm not going to work for you anymore.

Charlie is getting ready.

I sat down and read a book.

Would you join me for lunch?

He said he was suffering from a bad headache.

I had no choice but to read it out to them.


In the Netherlands, if a child is too insistent on asking for a cookie, he might be punished and get no cookie.

Allah is everywhere.

This time tomorrow, we'll be in Boston.

Eugene came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

I've never even been to Boston.


Theo, I choose you!


Don't you have school today?

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I hear he has been ill since last month.

It's useful to study foreign languages.

Don't you hate everything?

To talk shop is fun.

I should have told her that I love her.


I'll go talk to them now.

This :-) is an emoticon.

May I come tomorrow, too?

Buy what you need.

Give me a full glass of water.

How nice of you to invite me along!

Ro knew what Judge wanted to eat.


We are already mounting it.

I can eat anything but onions.

That tired boy is sound asleep.


We must protect our children.

Is this mine?

I hope the meeting went well.

Send him in.

Do you want to come with me?