I've heard that it's impossible to sound like a native speaker unless one starts speaking the language before the age of twelve.

My mommy and daddy will love me no matter what.

Have it your own way.

Let's occasionally change where we go to eat out.

He goaded him on to ever more salacious revelations.

Take one four times a day, after meals.


Even if you boss attacks you and tells you to go away, you should make your point.

The bus was packed.

He came from the Northeast.

The drummer grabbed the drumsticks and made the music start.

It was mandatory.

I came to you because I want to help.

What should we sing?

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Here's what I don't get.

I'm not going to tell you until I tell Mosur.

I am living in Volgograd.

I often go to Saumya's house.

How much more money do we need?

And then everyone started laughing.

We can seat you soon.

Did you fall for her at first sight?

Will it be fine tomorrow?

Francisco is socially awkward.

We're not supposed to indulge pets.

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Start singing.

Tobias could've walked away.

Sign your name at the end of the paper.

I don't want to do this with you.

Don't wanna feel blue.


He was single before.

That seems risky to me.

She didn't have a brother.

I am your source of life, for my tears flow in your veins.

Why aren't Nhan and Nathaniel coming?

I can't do this to him.

The gang knocked him down and robbed him of his watch.

Our country's climate is temperate.

What does this news augur?

The piano won't go through that door.

His concert attracted many people.

That's the part I liked best.

I always thought that Knudsen and Troy would get married.

We want freedom.

The rabbit jumped over the dog.

Use the telephone.

What I want is a divorce.


The child is playing with Meccano.

Don't you have any more?

How did you get out of jail?

She is estranged from her parents.

Don't raise your voice above a whisper.


Who's in the basement?


It all started on a stormy day.

I felt thoroughly lost in the crowded Ginza.

Eileen started reading.

Willie has a sister named Radek.

Everything he's saying is slander.


History repeats itself.


I'm sure Eileen will make the right decision.

Rex, Mara, and John need time, money, and food.

Go to sleep now.

Here is the father's hat.

I haven't seen you in ages.

Ethan is really good at telling jokes.

Markus wanted to buy a new pair of boots.

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I want you to forget everything you saw today.

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So you are back again.

The teacher's talk stimulates Connie to study harder.

Tuan is very busy right now.

You need to study French harder.

This is Cole's second year playing professional baseball.

Look, I'm not going to tell you again.

Nou has taught me a few things.

A rose has thorns on its stem.

Car exhaust causes serious pollution in towns.

Charleen remains uneasy.

Can I sit next to him?

The people in Boston are great.

You speak Esperanto, don't you?

I agree with Jayant 100% on this.

Don't ever forget how much stronger Andries is than you are.

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The girl was afraid of her own shadow.


Lenny is more optimistic.


I would like a list of the Italian words that don't appear in the corpus yet.

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The story reminds me of a certain sight.

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Would after lunch be convenient for you?


I climbed in through the window.

Try not to be late.

Deborah put her purse on the kitchen table.

Judy wasn't paying attention in class today.

Marika has always wanted to learn Japanese.

Louis won't bother you again.

5 times 20 is 100.

This apple began to rot.

Lance is a hunk.

Your hand is as cold as ice.

We discovered relics of an ancient civilization.

Gretchen smelled funny.

Don't leave your work unfinished.


Father would often read detective stories in his spare time.

I think we need them.

When Phill was little he was clumsy and would fall often. All his pants would have knee patches.

I hid behind the tree.

I don't want you working here.

Do you know much about music?

Carsten said he'd be at the meeting.

Carol often watches horror movies.

Yes, it's such a nice evening.


He is always on time for an appointment.


I don't speak Russian.

He refused to shake my hand.

I'm not sure that's true.


What made her do so?


I'm going to shoot them.

Julie switched off his walkie-talkie.

They lost their way in the mountain.

It looks like you slept in your clothes last night.

I don't think I have much longer to live.


I can't raise our child by myself.


He wants to kiss her.

I tried to do my homework, but I didn't really know how to do it, so I gave up.

Come on, let's see what's happening.

Martin didn't expect Sjaak to show up on time.

"I'm not a monster!", said Danny.

I don't add sentences in Japanese.

You were beginning to worry me.

A massive flood paralyzed the local transportation network.

Don't put words in my mouth.

Tell Blake to show up.

We need a coordinated effort.


I'll tell you why we haven't answered your letters.


Hasn't anyone seen him?

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Everyone's eyes were fixed upon her.


Please take them with you.

Why didn't you help me escape?

Jeanette began to beat her daughter.

Neville will see you.

Millions of people were living in poverty after the earthquake.

Murthy is a shy and reserved young man.

Without effort, nothing is possible.

That's unimportant.

He who doesn't avenge is a son of a donkey.


There's something we haven't tried yet.

I can reason with him.

Don't let him do that again.

They were out of breath after swimming across the river.

The local police joined forces with the coast guard to try to find any survivors.

Saturday is the last day of the week.

Bart went through the file.

Are you accusing me of something?

The outdoor concert was canceled due to the storm.


I'd appreciate it if you sent me your latest catalog.

They looked back.

The progress of civilization is very rapid.

Dan was blessed with two adorable daughters.

He expected that their talk was going to be long.

Honest people despise those who lie.

Alexander plays lacrosse.

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He fought against racial discrimination.

What makes you think what Plastic said isn't true?

Bobbie did Jean-Pierre a favor.


The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

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In a way, you're wrong.

Gale grew up in a small town.

There is an urgent need for shelter.


I'm down here rebuilding my little life.