They were really cut from the same cloth.

You don't like me, but you were dating me?

Cats' eyes are very sensitive to light.

The game got rained out.

As far as I know, he is kind.

"May I park here?" "No, you must not."

It's a fact of life.

You had better go and thank her in person.

Volleyball is a lot of fun.

He doesn't speak French, neither do I.

Can you tell me who sold them to you?


Do I know him?

Sofia is very athletic.

Let me give you a bit of advice.


The well delivers a great deal of oil.

In fact, he is sick.

We shook hands and parted at the end of our journey.


It was bitterly cold outside.

You work too hard.

Western leaders condemned the action.


Death is not to be feared.

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I'll meet him some other time.

I've got one of these.

He was given to drinking and ruined his health.

I have to ask him something.

Diane doesn't like washing dishes.

I will judge whether it is superior or not.

She tossed a ball to Fletcher.

He is incompetent.

Kate is the smartest student in our class.

It was a great time for Hollywood.

I like how you reason.

There's nothing sexual about it.

They had a talk about the future life.


"Are you happy, Sugih?" "Yes, I am." "If you are, then so am I." "And if you are, Knudsen, so am I."

I read Sjaak's letter to Jayant.

She has husband and two daughters.

They just want to make money. They don't care about anything else.

I worked a lot this week.


That's a bad spot.

I had tried to avoid thinking that as much as possible but as soon as I faced it I started to feel miserable.

Something had to be done.


He is looked up to for his breadth of mind.

I'll be with them.

We ordered too much food.

The house is being built now.

I want to share this with my grandchildren one day.


Mehrdad was eating alone.

That woman goes to church every evening.

I trust you won't let that happen again.

Ravi sent a picture postcard to Kristin.

I framed her.

Alejandro is an exception.

Don't ask me. I'm just the janitor.


Translation here is not fundamental.

Her means are small.

She can't go to the party because she doesn't have a babysitter.

This country is safe from attack.

No one was more surprised than Hui.


I've never seen her smile.

That couple never fights; they are always in agreement on everything.

I'm glad it worked.

Billy and Sean were planning on how to rob a bank.

Price and Janos were thrilled to bits when their daughter took her first steps.


He looks exactly like his brother.

If Christina were in trouble, Adrian would know.

I have tried everything but failed again.

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You're a failure.

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He listened to my pitch, so he must be interested.


I wish I could play the piano as well as Malaclypse.

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I admire your ignorance.

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We know who's out there.

They'll be very afraid.

I could use some support right now.

My heart sings to see you.

Adlai didn't say where he'd gone.


He is sixty, if a day.

What's your favorite lipstick brand?

Only a true artist would agree to sing for his supper because he knows it would taste better that way.


Earle had something in his hand.

I found out we were all alike.

Tam says he wants a group activity.

Monty has been evicted.

The soccer game is tomorrow.


Everybody knows what he wants, but not everyone knows what he can.

He's back from his travels in Central Asia.

That's my father's house.

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Practice is tough. But, if it is for the sake of victory, then you must be able to endure.

A man walked past him.

I'm from Saudi Arabia.


We'll continue.

It looks like Pete has been crying.

Franklin is insensitive.

My full name is Ricardo Vernaut, Junior.

Ji never helps me out.

Let's just drop the subject, OK?

The box was made of sandalwood.

This is too expensive.

This was Page's first time being a part of a large community-based project. Though he felt nervous at first to be involved, the other members soon proved to be a very supportive bunch.


Have it your own way, Aaron.

I didn't like the PM's speech.

I had no idea you were in here in Boston.

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How did that whole thing happen?


I really would rather be alone right now.


Don't worry, there's been no permanent damage.

Rakhal refuses to take orders from Masanobu.

I'm sick and tired of all the petty squabbling among politicians.

Derek is better at speaking French than you think he is.

You delivered the wrong package.


Water is as precious as air.


I can't get away from the office this afternoon.

Marek is apparently an honest person.

Richard Krajicek is known as the only player to beat Pete Sampras at Wimbledon between 1993 and 2000. He upset Pistol Pete in straight sets in the quarterfinal en route to winning the 1996 Wimbledon Championships, which came to be the only Grand Slam title in his career.


She looked directly into his eyes.

That's not entirely true, is it?

Don't be noisy in this room.

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Roberto didn't seem surprised to see Russell here.

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Only 3 out of the 98 passengers survived.

Dan had a perfect alibi.

What do you do when you're in Boston?


Why I get beaten up instead of him?


Lois's car wouldn't start and he had to get a new battery.

What's her boyfriend's name?

The cardinal directions are: north, south, east, and west.

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Alberto walked up to the house and knocked on the door.

We like the cultural weeks.

He is certain of winning the game.

Who fell?

Will you call for me at the hotel?


Who will look after the baby?

Oktoberfest has often already ended by September.

I sometimes get scared.

Safety must come first.

I just want to get a little fresh air.

I want to get into shape, so I've been working out every day.

She did what she promised to do for you.


Hurricanes are known by different names around the world. In Japan they are Typhoons, while Australians call them Cyclones.

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On hearing the noise, my brother started to cry.

This pamphlet is free of charge.

This picture was taken by him.


The leaves have begun to change color.


The plan backfired on us and we lost a lot of money.

It's not black and white.

Charles won't speak to them.

Why don't you give her a call?

I think Marguerite really deserves it.

Ariel believes she has special powers.

I packed Francisco's suitcase for him.

Vice lives here all by himself.

I learn Esperanto almost every day.

"Who do you think will come first?" "It definitely won't be Marco."

It's the end.

I want to age gracefully.

Kuldip wanted Pontus to pose in the nude for his painting, but she refused to do so.

Vern and Mayo were paddling a canoe down the river the last time I saw them.

Daryl probably has better things to do than sit around all day watching TV.

I'm glad you are all here.

The constant border wars between England and Scotland came to an end.

My urine is pink.

The decision belongs to him.