This is the largest building in existence.

That's pretty normal.

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Who taught Ramneek how to speak French?

Terrence isn't going to get away with it this time.

Liz didn't say anything about that to me.

I wanted you to understand what you're up against.

That's not an insult.

Cathryn went out in a hurry.

I know you're smarter than me.

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I left my dictionary downstairs.

He was called away on business.

I'll always love you, no matter what happens.

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I hope Deborah can accomplish that.

The exhibit is in Boston for three weeks.

What did Krzysztof want to do?


It's time to plan ahead.


It's not going to be long.

I'd like to try on one size smaller than this.

I bought this for my father.


I'm waiting for you in front of the door.


Shamim and Pratt wanted to spend a few days in the mountains.


She began to blush.

Can you talk to Dion?

Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.

My parents won't let me date.

You must have made quite an impression on her.

He wrote out a thorough report.

Lyndon had a really bad day.

The girl talking with John is called Susan.

It is dangerous to jump onto a moving train.

Juha may not be hungry.

Maria is good at bargaining the price down.

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Christopher is a fervent churchgoer.

I can hear her.

Success treads upon the heels of effort and perseverance.

Lievaart isn't wearing a hat.

The average temperature has gone up.


Do you know anyone who speaks Urdu over here?

I've got nothing left.

He got Emma.

I'm never sick.

He applied himself to his study.

The Prime Minister nominated him as Foreign Minister.

Peter did stay with me.


What time did you arrive there?

Don't go, dears.

Can we fish there?

In the leaden backdrop of the dawn, the horseman stands in silence, the long mane of his horse, disheveled by the wind.

Piotr used to work in Australia.

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It almost sounds like you don't want to go.

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I'll hang my coat up behind the door.

I need to buy new spectacle frames.

Don't make the same mistake again.

Republicans and Democrats, Christians, Atheists, Muslims and all other faiths, Americans and Immigrants, everyone was united in grief for the devastation of 9/11.

We should have a conversation.


Mann passed away yesterday.

Linguistic prescriptivism is unscientific, and is criticized as such by those who are actual linguists.

Bring all your money.

To come out on top, you have to stay two steps ahead of your opponent at all times.

I wish I could buy you everything you wanted.


That way I'll have time to talk to you afterwards.

I know her very well.

He had no memory of the accident.


The ship ran aground on a sandbar.

If you don't study, you will fail the exam.

What did I ever do to her?

Did you go to Hawaii or Guam?

I was a fool for a handsome fellow.

Are you offering me my job back?

Just because he likes painting doesn't mean he's good at painting.

You will save time if you adopt this new procedure.

I put it in the box.

They will hide it.

Ten paper plates cost one dollar.

Bad wheat always makes poor bread.

I have a bruise.

Hollywood guns have unlimited ammo, so of course all the bad guys can afford to be such bad shots.

Do you mind if I sleep here?

He's the love of my life.

I'm not going to quit now.


He made us work till late at night.

Please get plenty of sleep the day before donating blood.

I'll make a phone call.

I was heavily sedated.

Gordon doesn't live in Boston.


When you feel anger - just don't react.

I would never buy a house on Park Street.

I thought that you were going to come over last night.

A child was run over here last night.

Do you travel often?

I need to know what happened last night.

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

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The man went begging from door to door.

Send me a picture of yourself.

He regretted borrowing the book from her.

Kim was very tired.

It must be a nightmare to clean this place.


You lost a lot of blood.

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True love does not exist!

We have nothing left to lose.

I'll do the shopping for you.

I don't want to take care of a dog.

I'm going to stay there for a couple of days.

She forced him to eat his vegetables.

I watched TV last night.

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I wish I were wrong.


I've done half the work, and now I can take a break.


King enjoyed himself a lot at the party.


I'm a lifeguard.

He walked past the house.

The soprano received thunderous applause for her performance.

The difference is not so great for me.

I do not sing.

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Reading is very important to me.

I said I wouldn't tell her.

Sean has downloaded a GPS tracking app onto Teruyuki's mobile phone so that he can know where she is at all times.

Tell them to be here by 2:30.

Don't expect everyone to like you.


Don't add annotations.


She sings as well as plays the piano.


Put the patient on his back.

The noisy headphones are that guy's.

War is a crime against humanity.

He asked a very good question.

They died trying to save others.

She definitely took the wrong bus.

I want you to have me.

Everybody thinks that they are ready for their old age.

I made a couple calls.

I thought that I understood you.

Mann seemed to have thought so.

Boyce is hiding from them.

I've ordered one.


Hence 50 percent of the muscle can give way to fat.


I am a democrat.

Go kiss an orc.

Russia rejected both demands.

He's on his last legs.

I think his opinion is important.


How was the spice pudding?

It is not easy to get rid of a bad habit.

When spring comes, they dig up the fields and plant seeds.

I'm waiting for a response from him.

I promise you that I'll never abandon you.

This building has 5 floors and 20 apartments.

Tovah makes fun of everybody.

Let me introduce it.

Who will they elect?

My daughter won't find it easy to get accustomed to the new school.

What's happening to us?

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Let me sleep on it.

Shyam is the only one who doesn't know.

I just wish I could have some alone time with Theo.

It is very important for us to love a river.

We should keep in touch.


I was buying some books from the bookstore.

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Rand ran out on me and my kids.

I need your help for my job.

Judy needed some money, so I offered to give him some.

Son didn't want to park his new car on the road.

I'd rather not talk about it, if you don't mind.

Ramsey had a heart tattooed on his arm.

This guy's tough.

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Don't hurt anybody.