Sep 24th 6208342645

Hi! Thanks for choosing YuMiao project, which is created by Yund Team. Today is Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn festival. According to it, we've put up some specials for each customs. Our specials are following:1. Plan. Tieba: We'll put up 2 parts of activity for each customs at Baidu Tieba from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (UTC+8) in 09/24/2018, you will ... Read More »

Sep 6th 2096343679

Welcome to YuMiao project! Now we're offering NAT VPS service. It has 3 data centers, and each of vps has 2GB SSD and 200GB premium bandwidth. Because it has quantities limit, so let's try it! Instant active!

** You may need to pay the fee for the data center you choose.