The kwikest way to earn a Buck

Say good bye to work as you know it with our new mobile app and let the power of kwikbuck empower yourself and your career, while you enjoy the freedom of making money on your own time.

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You call the shots

Don't feel restricted by demanding work hours ever again. Rather breathe easy knowing that kwikbuck provides you with the flexibility to plan your own day, work when you have the capacity to work, and enjoy the benefits and independence of being your own boss.

A safe & secure way to

Take the hassle out of finding new clients, because we've made it quick and easy! Simply upload your product or service offering to your mobile store and kwikbuck will connect you with people who are looking for what you're offering. Because these days, you don't need to find your clients, your clients find you!


An Easy. Rewarding way to
Work for yourself

Making money with kwikbuck is easy, convenient and, most importantly, it provides you with security and peace of mind. From finding customers to receiving payments and everything in between - kwikbuck handles it all, no problem! And with a skilled app-based support team ready to assist you 24/7, you'll be saving time and making money kwik kwik.


Imagine if every single person with a mobile phone had a job?

Unfortunately, with towering unemployment rates, not everyone has a job, however, one thing that almost everyone owns, is a mobile phone. That is why we decided to harness the potential of mobile and connectivity, and use them as a catalyst for empowering people via self-employment all over the world.

About Us

It all started in 2017, when our founder encountered a number of speed bumps on his path to finding employment. Acquiring that sought-after title of "employed" was no easy task due to the limitations that he faced. But it was during this period that he had a simple idea: Tap a button, make a kwikbuck.

Now, after much research and development, what started as a mobile app that allowed you to monetise your spare time, is now changing the employment module communities around the world, giving new hope to the unemployed. From sellers offering specialised products and services to buyers being able to find anything they may require - we've designed kwikbuck to be a convenient, direct connection between buyers and sellers, allowing for quick-and-easy business transactions that can be conducted anytime, anywhere.

Buyers and sellers need only explore the app's central marketplace to instantly connect with clients or vendors, and conduct safe, secure and convenient transactions via mobile phone.

The app delivers a flexible new way to earn money and it provides users with the luxury of using their time, their way, and only working when they have the capacity to work. Mobile employment is the way forward as it has the ability to empower individuals, strengthen communities and grow economies.

We're a brand who believe that when it comes to labour, a market that is easy and flexible has the potential to grant more freedom, boost productivity, maximise wealth and ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Make career and financial goals a reality with kwikbuck!

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If you like the sound of "more time, more money" stay tuned, because we're launching mid 2018!