I never want to leave you again.

Rajendra has no choice but to leave.

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How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

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It must be the flu.


I'd never do that to Kusum.

Were any of those kids Presley's classmates?

I've been tense all morning.


Where were the police?

Inside the box were cuttings from newspapers and magazines.

Can people change their habits?


Still still is the pond I remember.


It is always the case with them.

He is in desperate search of further evidence.

I've had enough of your boasts.

Have you ever started this engine?

Gordon told me he was feeling dizzy.

We work by day and rest by night.

She dropped a bombshell upon him.

Cyrus doesn't know that Leila is in love with him.

We are braying like donkeys.

I wish I'd get back to my childhood again.

Maureen acts like he's exhausted.

This restaurant is particular about cutlery.

I want you to be prepared.

It was careless of her to leave the door unlocked when she went out.

Jayesh offered to preside at the meeting.


From a literary point of view, his work is a failure.


It may not be natural for you, but at least try to be a little more gracious.

Your ideas are weird.

Don't be so grumpy.

You won't get it that way. Use two fingers.

Better her than me.

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If you don't understand the meaning of a word, look it up in the dictionary.

I've been on the city council for five years.

Sho can't do anything about it.

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Leo certainly looks intelligent.


Will you give me a drink?


To show direction, the words take the accusative ending.

These shirts are the same. They are the same colour.

I didn't make you a cripple.

Can you help me on this one?

Can you have a look at my gums?

Eli left without saying goodbye.

AIDS means "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome".

Pitawas says that he has never eaten an artichoke.

Have you always been so selfish?


Where did you miss your umbrella?


Is it new?

Hot air expands and spreads out and it becomes lighter than cool air. When a balloon is full of hot air it rises up because the hot air expands inside the balloon.

Do you hear that sound?

Now I'm a doctor too.

My cousin isn't the kind of person who'd ever break a promise.

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They can handle it.

I needed some help.

Hamilton resigned three days after Oscar was fired.

Sumitro is thirsty, and so am I.

We can't live like this.


You may see me there.


He had a wonderful memory.

What's the number for the Tokyo Dome?

Spring is the best season to visit Kyoto.

Was it your idea?

I let her sleep on my couch.


He's never satisfied.

The one thing that Sanford hates the most is not being taken seriously.

You get used to it.

This train runs nonstop to Nagoya.

Will you please watch your language?

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Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended.

Winnie is good at painting.

What do you think are the racial traits of the Japanese?

The boy plays the piano.

The earth is the shape of an orange.

That won't happen this time.

I wonder: Why is she late?


How many pens do you have?

The icy wind cut us to the bones.

An honorable death is better than a shameful life.

Would it hurt to die?

Randy watered her horse.

He is always smoking.

Cary knows that Trying and I are friends.

I've lost my motivation.

I'm sorry that I made you stop doing that.

Emily is singing a song with her beautiful voice.

Isabelle zipped up his bag.

You had a good weekend, didn't you?

Our school is now coeducational.


Can you read phonetic symbols?


I can get a hold of it now.

Be careful you don't break Susumu's heart.

As the world becomes economically richer, it becomes environmentally poorer.

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By means of monthly payments, people can purchase more than in the past.

He looks innocent, but don't leave your glasses unattended in his presence.

We ate my delicious duck.

We don't have enough information yet to make a decision.

That's the one I liked.


My friend, what's making you this sad today?

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Good morning, would you like something to eat?


What would you have me do?


The thief was apprehended this morning.

Clearly, she knows a lot about biotechnology.

Lisa is concerned with her looks.

Marty walked into the living room with two drinks in his hands.

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning.

I'm going to find a place of my own.

She bought eggs by the dozen.

Everything that Eugene said is true.

She means nothing to him.

Jun found himself chained to a huge pipe in an abandoned factory.

He may be sick in bed.

We contacted Indra's family.

I saw him a while back.


The result was really satisfying.


The boy was very sharp at physics.


I have to sell a lot of my things so I can pay all my bills.

He was able to pass the difficult test.

Kent dropped his coffee cup on the kitchen floor.

Hazel was first.

The violin, the piano, and the harp are musical instruments.

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A bridge was built across the river.


Sergeant is having a hard time losing weight.

The apple was eaten by me.

I do many things at the same time, so not only am I reading things by Akutagawa, I've also increased the amount of time I spend reading in English and I also read a little in German every day.

Teruyuki actually figured it out by himself.

Thai is the official language in Thailand.

Where is Per's wife?

Why did you part with your house?

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Do you need to work on Sunday?


I'm stuck here in Boston until the job is finished.

The public school system is coming apart at the seams.

Let's see what Robbin wrote.

You're not as important as you think you are.

Shatter was at the hospital the night Neil died.

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The dog and the cat are sleeping together in a basket.


What makes you think that your house is haunted?

I don't know why you have a problem with me.

The vast paved roads of the industrial era gave way to parking lots and bicycle paths.

Which would you rather eat tonight, beef or pork?

They formed a project to build a new school building.

We're going to eat at a new restaurant tonight.

We are looking for each other.


She is by far the best player in the club.


You haven't been returning my calls, Kristian.

I can't stop thinking about that.

Novo wants you to take us to school.

Did you understand what Kevan said in French?

I can't feel at home in a hotel.

Sooner or later, she'll get over the shock.

Do you have a point, Syed?

"I fell asleep?" "Totally." "Really?" "You were very restless, did you have a scary dream?"

She nosed about in his desk for the letter.


He is smart enough to answer all the questions.

What are we supposed to do with it?

I'm not going to be pushed around by you or anyone else.

Are you going to go out with Chip again?

They put their two children's names down for school.

Please tell Those to wait.

I thought you were against this proposal.

Do you know any doctors who speak French?

I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to your visit.