He stopped to put on his shoes.

When I was your age, I had a job.

We are going to visit our uncle next Sunday.

Tuan'll pay.

I'm too young.

I have one question.

Jackye only drinks water.

Gravity stresses the human body.

You don't even know him.

I cannot entertain such a request.

The problem with many Europeans is that they do not meditate. Their minds are messy.

Cecilia convinced me that Emmett was innocent.

The statesman is now in full vigor.

The principal called him to account for being absent without an excuse.

His rule was despotic.

I didn't say I didn't want you here.

They're not home yet.

He aspired to the position of president.

The more I detest men individually the more ardent becomes my love for humanity.

Thank you for seeing me off.


How do we know this isn't the real one?

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Are you sure you've never met him?

I want you to go upstairs.

What do you want this for?


Why are you always so nice to me?

I didn't warn you.

Everyone's shocked.

Who are you spending Christmas with?

That's an awful idea.

The people did not reach consensus on taxation.

Gil needs a challenge.

I have to visit Miriamne.

Do you want this dog?

Mac would like Alfred to be on his team.

I'll call you around five o'clock.

Think is really quite a remarkable person.

I don't know how much longer we'll need to wait.

Just let me see it.

I'm drunk.


Let's keep talking.

She tried to put the young man out of her mind, but it was impossible.

Trey is in the kitchen making us something to eat.

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Someone owes me money.

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We're just getting started.

Eduardo was the last.

Nothing can take an American by surprise. It has often been said that the word "impossible" was not a French one. People have obviously looked in the wrong dictionary. In America, all is easy, all is simple and mechanical difficulties are overcome before they arise.

I'm not sure what's wrong. We should have heard from Sharada by now.

I wish I had a pony.

I think I'm getting sick.

What happened to the generator?

A boy risked death to protest.

Sometimes you save time by taking the longer road.

We played on the beach.

Do you think a little salt would improve the flavor?

They drove away.

My belief is that she has never told a lie.

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If those little brats of sisters are good enough I'll make a gift of them to you!

She wants children, but he doesn't.

Would I tell a lie?

He gave him a book.

Where did she know my name?

Not all real things are logical.

Some persons appear to be resistant to HIV infection.

I have known George for a month.

Don't you think this is interesting?

It was incredible.

Coleen wants to know if you're planning on going to Boston with us next weekend.

He confessed his guilt.

I warn you, the thing is pretty risky.


I was enjoying the serenity.


Anderson is the one who did it.


Please come home sometimes.

Show me what you've done so far.

Is that a boy or a girl?

It was just a happy accident.

Edmund has tested positive for marijuana.


It's not a big thing.

I am sure that she will become a great singer.

Don't drink beer before going to bed.


He's a man of importance.

Ginny will assist me.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

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Gimme a look-see.


He looked as if he hadn't eaten for days.

Can you prove it?

I didn't know about your plan.

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I have to run.

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Nathaniel wondered what Patrice was going to say.


I feel protected.

Del found a dinosaur egg.

Pierre, come here!


As a child I was always very excited the day before a school trip and couldn't sleep.

Oh, yes. I sometimes see him on TV.

Lloyd is clearly upset by what's going on.

We're going to have a party tonight.

How long did they live in England?

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I knew this was too good to be true.

Then I'd take the nickel out.

I can't forgive any of you.


He failed to apologize for betraying our trust.

Matti made plans.

Whether we grew up in a Christian home, regardless of denomination, we used to bless and curse, salt water and fresh water coming from the same mouth.

A hungry man is an angry man.

Nobody's asking you for money.

He was playing the piano and she was singing.

It's hard not to write satire. For who is so tolerant of an unjust city, so ironclad, that they can hold back?

A lot of people buy lotteries dreaming of wealth at one stroke.

She calls her sister Mina-chan.

I knew something Frederic didn't know.

I'll come over to your place at the start of the holidays.

How much did you cut off?

You don't need a list.

Why do you look so sad?

I'm hungry.

The tall man came out of the house.

I noticed her, too.


Let's get your coat.

His house is across from mine.

Everybody's fault is nobody's fault.

I know that Cindie hurt you.

Celia has confidence in his own ability.

We've all done it.

Do you think it'll be easy to find a job in Boston?

I think we'd better start over again.

He is senior to me by two years.

He thought he could get her to like him if he ingratiated himself with her mother.

In the case of fire, dial 119.

Their job is to close the store.

I have a cat and a dog. The cat is black and the dog is white.

He lost his temper and hit the boy.

The horse came first.


We're all looking forward to it.


I found her alone in the wood, and brought her back with me for a companion. You will let her stay?

Everyone here knows you don't eat pork.

This pond doesn't go dry even in the summer.


I don't know anyone by that name.


June came to Boston when he was thirteen years old.

Del had an asthma attack.

Have you ever taken a picture with Mike Tyson?

His fist thundered on the table.

You'll feel better tomorrow, I promise.

I wash my hands of it.

I trust Matthew as much as anyone.

If anything should happen to Per, I wouldn't forgive myself.

Bicycles are for summertime.

I always loved your delicacy.

I have been to Australia once when I was in college.

Ti said he found something.

It was his lengthy narrative that bored me to death.


Last night was very hot and muggy and I didn't sleep very well.

He always has luck with the ladies.

Um, there's something I want to ask you about.

Willie plays the guitar almost as well as Earnie does.

Unfortunately, we don't know the rest of his work.

Has the house got a garage?

He bought a foxglove.

However, Vince, on Jen's house's veranda, was naked from the waist up. He might even have been starkers!

Kees reached for another card.

I think he will come to our party.

We swim together once a week.

Do you have something to do with this group?

Galen unscrewed the cap and handed the jar to Irvin.

If more people had voted, we would have won the election.

What's the second most visited city in the world?

I've got to stay a little longer.

Why did you volunteer to do this?

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If you were communists, you wouldn't worry about housing so much.

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Sharada knows the situation better than I do.

Stracciatella ice-cream is nothing but a plain ice-cream with chocolate chips.

Is your Halloween costume scary or cute?

The bird had a broken wing.

He has too much pride in his appearance.