Lie on the bench for a while with your eyes closed.

The pictures are hanging in the big room.


He has finished playing.

Our ship is badly damaged.

Setting goals that I'm excited to accomplish gets me motivated.

You can't just answer emails from people you don't know.

They clearly have something different in mind.

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I bear in mind that misfortunes never come singly.

You're getting worse.

When I pressed the button, the bell rang.


I parted from my friend in anger.

Did you feed the parrots?

Somehow you must find a way to finish this work in one month.

Sonja got arrested.

That could happen at any time.

Where is Mount Whitney located ?

The tourists visit the museum.


I know that you're the editor of a popular scientific magazine.

Money counts for little.

This acid is extremely important in the industry and the laboratory.

Drive more carefully, or you will have an accident.

He had often visited Europe before that time.

Why can't you just call Rebecca?

I don't mind a bit.

The artificial lake dried up in hot weather.

If we need any help, I'll let you know.


Kyle has a slightly tanned skin.


Let's welcome the engaged couple: Winston and Julie.

Tharen isn't my patient.

That's preposterous.


Francois Jackson spoke to our class today at school.

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Do you know anyone who might be able to help us?


My shoes are brown.

I was wondering when you were going to tell me that.

Entering the foe's camp is full of danger.

Do you have an e-mail address that's easy to memorize?

I invited my friends to dinner.

Technology has failed to ease the conflict between man and nature.

What are you doing, you fool!

I don't ovulate.

He doesn't want anyone to know.

I won't be back this way for a long time.

I can't wait for that to happen.

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Julianto will be busy tomorrow morning.


She gave it her personal attention.


I would like you to come with me.

I thought perhaps you'd give up.

You'll get your shot.

I love him, but he thinks I hate him.

I don't want you to hurt yourself again.


We decided to stay for a few more days.

Mother sent us grapes packed in a box.

That should be ready on Tuesday.

If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell.

A dragon lives inside the cavern.

We haven't seen anyone.

I've already seen Rogue about that matter.

Sandeep wants me to give you a message.

The handle came away from the door when I grasped it.

Hume desperately tried to save her on-off relationship with Lucifer.

I was immersed in the happy atmosphere of the occasion.


I want to dance with Sherri.

Epilepsy can have various causes.

I could not finish it.

Your feet are swollen because your shoes are too small.

You shouldn't worry about his eccentricities.


I don't know when it will arrive.


Dan lost his temper and savagely beat Linda.

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Could you tell me how to adjust the volume?

We've only been dating three weeks.

This is all that I know about him.

Betty managed to sing well.

Try to be optimistic.

I gave him some advice.

I want to talk about girls.


I would never have guessed that.

Mah had one of his socks on inside out.

Now, please don't get so angry.

They tried to collect wood from the forest.

Where did you learn such a difficult word?


Keep in mind that smoking is not good for your health.

Vaughn thinks I'm a loser.

Suu doesn't have to say anything.

Why should I give you this?

What did you think of her?


It interferes with our industrial development.

That is a strange accent.

Many, many years ago, there lived an old man.

"I dreamed of you yesterday." "Seriously? And what was I doing?"

What's Lin given us?

I didn't look at it myself.

Do you never feel that work is like play?

I like all my classes.

Marguerite and Linda ate the whole cake by themselves.

The teacher teaches.

Tie your shoelaces.

The journalist is what you call a cosmopolitan.

Bite down, please.

My house is very cold.

What was wrong with the old one?

Try as you may, you will never win first prize.

This is a life-sized statue.


What is the population of New York?

This is to clear up the misunderstanding.

I asked Mom to get some for you.


It was really a lot of fun.

He is a man of few wants.

He told me not to wait for him.

Sometimes we teach, sometimes we learn.

Today no one can imagine a life without television.


Where are you sitting now?

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You were always a good friend to me.

I'm straight.

Somebody's coming up the stairs.


Could you give me an estimate before starting work?


You can't always avoid problems.


Everyone easily believes what one fears and desires.


I can recommend a good lawyer.

I'm on my way back to Boston.

It is possible to write Braille by hand using a slate and a stylus.


You know, I've never been to your house.


I've been reading this book.

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

He went by the name of Johnny.

Thank you for that.

Martha and Sofia are unpaid volunteers.

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It looks like a camera of some kind.

We're more than willing to extend our visit.

Is Izumi still asleep?

I like being my own boss.

How can they do that?


I need it right away. Please hurry!

It cannot be done.

The city hall is located at the center of the city.

Sharon told Griff to go away.

I'm sick of your stupid remarks.

Does he have a big family?

As a rule we have much rain in June in Japan.

We need to help Kaj.

Can you call for help?


The bomb didn't detonate.

But for water, no living thing could survive.

They'll grow.

It irritates Sassan when Vic leaves the cap off the toothpaste.

He was called to give evidence.

I've only seen one like this before.

Why didn't Klaus wake me up?

We take air and water for granted.

This place is really beautiful.

We all looked at them.

Those and Pat are having a baby.


Are you going out in those clothes? How uncool!

How much is that wooden chair?

I loved a purple bag there too.

Arnold was tired and cross.

Darryl played golf last Monday.

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This flower is very beautiful.

Kriton was baffled.

My name is Steen.

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In fact, he is sick.

They're taking pictures.

When is my brother's birthday?


The lighting was set up to have the intensity controlled by one knob so you could produce the brightness as you want.