It's right above you.

Let's give Sumitro a chance before we freak out.

It was her fate to die young.

Milner was joking.


Patience wins out in the end.


It is doubtful whether he will pass.

You shouldn't have run away.

This is Dan and Linda's first night together.


I owe you big time!


Your friends are in there.


Alvin is wearing the same clothes as he was yesterday.


You're safe with me.


Huashi isn't as intelligent as you might think.


In the end we decided to ask our teacher for advice.


It was me who took out the garbage.

I want to be a French teacher.

You can't let this situation get you down.


Please don't apologize.

They will never accept; it's too far.

I'm as free as a bird.

To live alone is the fate of all great souls.

Herbert didn't want to look, but he couldn't help himself.

That is a good place to live.

She is not aware of her beauty.

Was it a dream or not?

When Brandon told me what June looked like, he didn't tell me she was so overweight.


The moon is brighter than usual tonight.

She took me by surprise.

Joachim ordered a spanakopita.

I hope Maria will write soon.

You must not come into the kitchen.

It's simply more convenient for me.

I will buy your house for ten thousand dollars.

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Is there anything special you want to do this weekend?

The ship sailed up the Thames.

I haven't been able to find out anything about it.

Sharp's the word!

In our city, tourists are an important source of revenue.

I never actually saw Karen.

Is eating fish every day bad for you?


Vaughn treats me like an adult.

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Jorge and Stanley's house is very untidy.

We entered into a serious conversation.

Can I speak to you in private?

A Mr Jones has come to see you.

Suzan got agitated.

In reverse order tonight.

I don't want to cry.

Japan recognized the new government of that country.

The bridge is under construction.


If the opposition were to win, it would not entail a radical departure from current policies.

Kelvin was too surprised to talk.

I can't remember the tune of that song.


Don't forget to take an umbrella with you.

He took out an egg.

The students were told to learn the poem by heart.


The book is the best present.


Look back there.


She refused my offer to help her.

Don't thou me.

She has a lot of experience team teaching.

You hit for 120 points!

He did not enjoy his lessons.


Entrance is restricted to those above 18.

Is there any hope whatsoever?

Adam remained a bachelor his whole life.

The doctor said he wants you to rest.

I'll get you anything you want.


He published the book about the history of coins.

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No doubt he will come later.

A little breeze is blowing.

The news turned out false.

I like the bright colours.

I have been home alone for four days.

Don't get a dog riled up. He might bite you.

Don't scratch your mosquito bite. It'll get inflamed.

Roberta wants Suwandi to babysit his children.

Brenda didn't want to go to Boston with Hamilton.


I'm looking for some job or other.

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No matter how hard I try, I can't swim to that rock.

In the end, Jeannette had to bite the bullet and take responsibility for his actions.

He is just like his government: old-fashioned and visionless.

Diane isn't good at talking to children.

You owe me a beer.


Is that your shirt?

You still can't stand her, can you ?

Do you remember Mr Saito?

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Give me some paper to write on.

I think everybody's tired.

I was ashamed of showing my face to him.

Can you account for your absence last Friday?

The watch spring broke.

We're trainees.

She's also writing a book.

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We're not leaving without Mehrdad.

I choose to believe you.

Merril studied law at Harvard.

It's getting darker and darker.

I will do all I can for you.


That'd be fine.

We are prepared for the worst.

Ramiro stood alone under a big clock in the deserted train station.


I enjoy playing the blues.

Many people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The report was put together from data collected by the Center for Disease Control.


Annie teaches French to his friends once a week.

I saw Rick a couple of weeks ago in Boston.

The olm is my favourite animal, due to its grotesque appearance.

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"You are alone, you know, and we are seven." "Like the seven sins," said Pinocchio, still laughing.

The whole country was buried under snow.

Matt is the boss now.

There are many ideological similarities between parties at the extreme ends of the political spectrum.

Is Lanny smarter than you?

I'm sure my family is looking for me.

He was angry because of what she said.

Poets select the best words.

The driver was shouting because the car in front of him wasn't moving.

I like that singer a lot.

Are you enterprising?

Is there anything you can't do?

He shished, mished, farted, got out.

We'll have a sleep over.

Janice keeps complaining that he doesn't have enough time.

I like to chop wood.

When was the last time you spoke with Rodney?


Are you avoiding me?

Well, the night is quite long, isn't it?

We can forgive, but forgetting, it's impossible.


Man is born a sinner.

What exactly are you trying to prove?

Pam could see it plainly.


How much time do we have left?

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Who's your French teacher?

You don't know how bad it is.

These four youths share an apartment in the Tokyo area.


He erred in his judgement.


Juan tells everyone that Olaf's the cream in his coffee.

I just organized my desk.

He made me attend the party in his place.

Ron probably could've helped.

By the 27th century, weather and climatic control became perfected.

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I might as well give up.

We never expected it.

I took a shower and then went to bed.


Jeffie is wasting his talents.

We gave away everything we owned.

He was sleeping under the tree.

Teruyuki doesn't have an Australian accent.

You have to stay awake.

He is the doctor about whom I talked yesterday.

Do you know what to write?


The engineer told us how to use the machine.

He doesn't miss a beat.

Are you a huge fan of trains?


I'll sign it.

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Pharamp wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a great summer with many concerts!

We will die sooner or later.

It was not long before we heard the news.