Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.

By whom were these poems written?

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I can get it from her.

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A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.


He frankly pointed out my faults.

I'll get over it.

He just ate. I'm always eating.

So far as I know, he is an honest man.

It sure is different.

The surprise party for Laura is not tonight, but tomorrow night.

Jim has gone to London.

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Day after day, all over the world, millions of people die of hunger in the streets.


Will the rabbits know how to swim?


Your answer is anything but perfect.


They controlled a fifth part of the territory.

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I'm surprised.

Don't mind about what others think.

We're going to have to leave soon.

It is not white hair that engenders wisdom.

I admire your talent.

Lester doesn't make mistakes.

Clarence painted the fence.

Sweep my room.

I know Floyd better than anyone.

Driving is a good holiday pastime.

The light of the lamp glimmered in the fog.

I became a lawyer to help people.

We celebrate Christmas every year.

This book is about education.

The world's your studio.

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This is what makes this game an absolute joy to play.

Can I sit next to them?

We have ten head of cattle.

It depends on you.

We got better this week.


Kanji are difficult to read.

With darkness coming on, the children returned home.

People needed a more practical system of exchange, so various money systems developed.

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I need to know what happened to Gigi.


We must fuel the machine.

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I want to water ski.

If it happened to Toft, it could happen to me.

You have two younger siblings.

Don't you think this suits me?

It is a good practice to look up in a dictionary words seen for the first time.

All the arrangements for the wedding are done and dusted, and it should be a great day, if the weather cooperates.

I'm thinking of going to Boston next month.

Noemi is really hungry.

There is a table in the corner of the room.

Last year, my dad passed away.

The air of Sydney is cleaner than that of Tokyo.

That should stir things up a bit!

A combination of several mistakes led to the accident.

My little brother wanted to read that comic you lent me the other day, so I'll be returning it after he's done.

The man is in the kitchen.

The room is empty apart from the speck of dust floating in the air.

Pontus thought Danielle's joke was hilarious.


I wonder if translating it as "I love you" is taking too much of a liberty.


I wasn't given a choice.

Things are not what they appear to be.

You were definitely drugged.


Beavers may be considered as the busiest mammals on Earth.

It is easy to see the fault of others, but it is hard to see one's own.

You must try to understand me.

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We need to ask for a new dump truck. This one's full.

Sarah and Harry flew to Boston yesterday.

If there is something I can't stand on this world, it's a lie.


Patrick treated Narendra to dinner.


Plastic was the only one found alive on the island.

She wanted my permission to use the telephone.

Though his stay in Europe was transient, Spenser felt he had learned much more about interactions with other people from traveling than he did at college.

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Marla has a reservation at this hotel.

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Peggy wants three hundred dollars for it.


I hear your childish laughter.

Wow, that was good.

I wouldn't bet on that if I were you.

We protected ourselves against danger.

Some religious people can be very judgemental.

There is one thing I look back on with regret.

A voyage to the moon in a spaceship is no longer a dream.

She scared me.

What exactly do you want me to say to Donne?

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Did Julius like Boston?


Will you forgive me the debt?

This is difficult to believe.

Eugene has a similar problem.

It was Mike that telephoned the police.

She keeps on making the same mistakes.

How about asking her to join our trip abroad?

It looks like there's no reception in this room.


Taking everything into consideration, he can't be the criminal.

She herself went there.

Do as I told you to do.

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You made us very happy.


We had to compromise.

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Jesus loves you.

Sanche gave his son a sparrow for Christmas.

He'll come soon.

Have you lost your mind?

The party's over. You've got to go.

He made speeches to many groups.

I've got to make sure Donna doesn't tell Stewart about that.

Everybody knows that he is the last man to break his promise.

I've been very busy this week.

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I'm going to the market in town. Do you want to come?


I see why Pia doesn't like you.

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Why didn't you tell me before?


Heidi is a kindergarten teacher.


We always pay the same amount.

Some things just can't be explained.

People talk a lot about social networks these days.


Duncan accidentally dropped the container from his crane.


I'm looking for a room.


Dorian fixed my computer.

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A stewardess was rescued from the wreck.

Dwayne can't take his eyes off Dwight.

Edith lived on the west coast.

Your work consists of true facts and new discoveries. The problem is that what is true is not new, and what is new is not true.

We aren't afraid of death.

Yesterday I arrived in Tokyo.

Could someone please help me?

How many times did it happen?

Is that a good idea?


Do I have to eat with them?

Barry knows that he's right.

We can't leave you here.

Her voice trembled with rage.

Did you give birth at home or at a maternity hospital?

Hector can't use this.

I'm good to go now.

You're stronger today.

Mom likes to eat fish-head.

I learned a lot this week.

Do I look like your maid?

This animal is bigger than that one.

Which parent does the child resemble?

They worked together to extinguish the fire.

He will come soon.

We won't be doing that.

I gave them another chance.

I tried to give her some money, but she wouldn't take any.

I should've listened to my father.

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Sandip drank his wine.


This part of the land belongs to my stepmother.

But he was excited too.

I have to be here all night.

I've got to get the house in order, so I'm busy now.

I'll never forget this moment.

Mann almost never did that.

She's very childish.

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The sport of Muggle Quidditch is becoming increasingly popular around the world, particularly on university campuses.

I'm available now.

Arabic is my mother tongue.

Lui wouldn't change his mind.

Lazy people have no chance of success.

Van is so much faster than me.

She is always very affectionate with her relatives.

You can say it like that, but it's rude.

We're going to miss doing this.