Winnie made Matt wash his car.

What's the matter? You look sad.

I never feel the cold.

The sun was shining.


Her words gave me hope.

I cannot drink coffee.

He was powerless in the face of death.

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Debi can't live much longer.


You're insane!

I don't think any of those are what I need.

It's incredible!

There could be no doubt as to who the man was.

That gave me an idea.

You won't regret hiring Brandon.

He left the house without saying goodbye.

It's more complicated than I originally thought.

It seems like it happened just yesterday.

Kelvin is really angry right now.

Will Apple's new model notebook be announced on schedule?

Eileen is grim.

It's not known how many of them survived.


She came home just now.

I was an honest man until 1985.

Knapper's hair is longer than Bryce's.

She pretended innocence.

Evan is trying to get it right.

I'm waiting for them to leave.

I told you I didn't want to go.

She promised not to go out alone.

His story was borne out by the facts.


I will get you sorted out, sir.

I'm pretty sure Page's lying.

They have been in Brazil for one year.

Don't ask me to do this.

We must all take care to preserve our national heritage.


I didn't recognize him at first on the train.

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I'm definitely impressed.


She knows that John loved her.

Brooke seems to want to say something.

We have to use the stairs because the elevator is out of order.

Why do you want stamps?

Edmond got a call from someone named Marguerite.

I'm sure you can manage on your own.

On the sea, we are victorious.


Schnapps is made from fruit must.

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You may as well begin to prepare your lessons.


Pablo told everyone that he'd passed the exam.

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I just got your package.

Stop! You're hurting him!

I wonder why Harold turned down that job.


She became a great artist.

What floor do you live on?

Jurevis didn't hurt Ravindranath.

Put the car in low to climb the hill.

I'm not going to wait for Kamel.

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Please write what you said.

Language reflects daily experience.

Speaking in public was an ordeal for Carisa.


Did you stand up?


Books are children of the brain.

He has come down in the world.

Can you believe that summer is almost over?

My scalp is very itchy.

Dan said that he felt sorry for Andrew.


Seen from a spacecraft, the earth looks blue.

I'll inform Norm about what we decided.

I really do enjoy it.


Nobody ever comes here.

Which do you prefer?

The heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit.


He declared that they had been friends for 30 years.


The English are a polite people.

It happened that he found the treasure.

We should consider the problem from a child's point of view.

I have a feeling that he knows the secret.

Taiwan isn't part of China.

There were seven cases of unsold wine in the cellar.

I met Knute on my way to school.

It's time to leave this place.

I threw one.

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By God!

I asked around about him.

I want you to see her.


I'll keep an eye on Roberta.

The lack of evidence to the contrary is itself evidence that your theory is probably right.

Even if he is busy, he will come.

Do you remember what we used to say about Thad?

It's just not right.

Connie isn't going to buy anything.

Byron still isn't happy with how things are going.

I haven't spoken to you before, have I?

I think Tad wants to see you.


We have to keep working.

I am not a liberal.

The bright colors arrested our eyes.

The sea can be heard from here.

I am writing a study of the French Revolution.

He is possessed of a strong fighting instinct.

In the park birds are singing all around.

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That's real helpful.

Glenn and Sergei met in the hospital cafeteria the day Floria's father died.

I'm watching him.

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I believe that everything happens for a reason.

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We're dating.

They were important leaders who loved their country.

This is something I'm gonna have to think about.

How could you let Jesse go?

Women age faster than men.


I will help you all I can.

Let's ditch him.

The first class begins at 8:30.

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Cyrus is just a little bit shorter than Rudy is.

There was no malice in what he did.

Did Olivier give you any other instructions?


The strike by the train drivers in Germany caused much disruption to the holiday plans of overseas travellers.

It was frightening.

Kieran has some hearing loss and finds it difficult to hear speech when there's background noise.


Hirofumi will be delighted to hear that.


Ernst should get going.


Tell them to call me before they leave.


I've read a lot of books.


We have several bags here.

We went hunting in the forest and caught two deer yesterday.

Hey, how old do you think Mr. Suzuki is?

The waiter asked me to change tables because that one was reserved.

That one is a migratory species.

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Timo unloaded groceries from the car.

Thanking you in anticipation.

You saw a mouse, didn't you?

Kathleen is the man Tommy met the other day.

Don't ask me to explain it.


I hope I'm not the only one who'll be there.

Tell them it's important.

I'll rip your head off!

It's funny how things turned out.

I can't find the keyhole.

I don't feel too tired.

Clay was in a hurry.

Shut the door, please.

Above all, take care of yourself.


Where should I wait for the shuttle bus?

The party started an hour ago.

We seldom have snow here.

In many ways, these fossils are the 'smoking gun' just before the emergence of our own genus.

He's a bit of a rebel.

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I know who your father is.

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Paul used to live in Boston, didn't he?

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All is not as bad as it seems.

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I think she's the best crime writer to come along since P.D. James.


We made out like bandits.

Can you recite the names of the seven deadly sins according to the Christian religion?

Adrenaline junkies love taking extreme risks.

The police can't arrest him.

What's the minimum salary in Turkey?


I have plenty of time to do that.

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The main streets are wide and beautiful.