Brent is sick in bed today.

I keep calling, but I can't get a hold of Murat.

Am I supposed to be doing something else now?

It was an honor.

I think you need to leave now.

I thought it was best not to say anything.

Sanjib is so good at this.

Everyone's went there, no?

"Why don't you wish a little harder?" asked the little white rabbit.

I changed my clothes.

No serious news, I hope?

Which one will they choose?

They often help each other.

They're vegetarians.

What if Prakash is right?

Let's keep this level.

I thought we could work together.

I'm sure this is a misunderstanding.

Our hero claims a warrior's heart.

Our army occupied this region without a fight.

Brodie walked to the door and unlocked it.


He was exhausted when he got home.

I'd like to get Elric ready as soon as we can.

That method's OK but if you use the factor theorem here ...

If you don't want to talk, you don't have to.

Vistlik can't grow a moustache yet.

I knew you wouldn't fall for it.

The price is good.

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Thank you for the help.

I understand you're visiting from America.

I didn't do that with Elaine.


I thought today was your day off.

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Police shot the armed robber in the head - he died almost immediately.


Am I the only one who doesn't agree with you?

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This chair needs to be repaired.

My real name is Roxana.

Each of them has his own car.

I didn't complain at all.

There's a price on our heads.

He raised his hands one after the other.

Apart from a filing tray full of papers on the desk, everything else in the room was on the floor.


Amir hasn't paid the bill yet.

Tracey remarked on Naren's appearance.

Can you start today?

The first and favourite amusement of a child, even before it begins to play, is that of imitating the works of man.

You have to rest a little.


Once divorced from key questions of national culture and identity, comparative literature loses its way.

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She doesn't even know my name.

She joined us.

One of the bullets struck McKinley in the stomach.

Might I come in?

He tried not to think about what he had just done.

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I can barely hear him.

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What languages do they speak in Canada?


Nathan and Trevor were disgusted with each other.

I've got half an hour.

I knew I should've stayed at home.

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What is life like where you live?

Do you always listen to my phone calls?

The room was warm.

I'm practically an adult.

Is that going to be awkward?


We really had nothing to lose.


Tell him anything you want.

How humiliating!

The former president of a certain association has been arrested on suspicion of breach of trust.

I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

Maybe you should cancel the meeting.

That boy could not enter for fear of the dog.

People don't always speak in full sentences.


Please lend me your knife.

Nicolas graduated from Harvard business school last year.

I would rather stay at home than go to the movies tonight.

There is a cow in the village.

What's your take on this?

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Why would I want to have anything to do with this?

Don't talk about me while I'm gone.

I don't see any reason for doing this.

We waited in the movie theater for the film to start.

I'm a runner.

There is indisputable proof that Lester is the thief.

Is this a serious matter?


Len is possessive.

Is there place for this box inside the van?

Brodie doesn't drink and drive.

The purchase is on the company's account.

This is the bell called Big Ben.

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My opinion differs from hers.

He is mentally handicapped.

George is quite talkative.

I don't watch sitcoms anymore.

While the daughters of the Viking invaders were brought up by their English mothers and learned to speak good English, the little boys ran along with their father picking up his less than grammatical English, as a result of which, to this day, poor grammar is associated with masculinity in the Anglo-Saxon world.


Would Drew accept your help if you offered it?

Lenora tried to show Rajarshi how to do it.

I cannot step on the grass. It's forbidden.

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Did you poison Michel?

We're amazed by the rapid growth in import quantities.

They went to an expensive restaurant for lunch.

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He compiled a Japanese folklore anthology for use in schools.


Money will do nothing to it.

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The party, therefore, had to take another route.

The three-day discussion was worthwhile.

I forgot to bring my health insurance card.


After a long day at work, nothing is better than a good night's sleep.

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He gets up as early as five every morning.

Where was she born?

Melinda probably already knows that Bert is here.

You can't give up trying.

I have better things to do with my time.


Let's roast the chestnuts.

I've got to tell Jussi.

If there are people who like baseball, then there are people who like soccer, as well.

It isn't really particularly healthy.

Can you pick out a few good books to read?

I read the flyer that was handed to me.

He hired mercenaries to kill you.


I have never heard her say 'No'.


Spock could not stand his mother.

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How do you like your job, Saad?


Joachim stared at the pictures.

I cannot say for sure where he lives.

Supplies of oil are not infinite.

The question "Do records of shougi games have copyright?" has been discussed in many places.

We ended up going home early.

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She is now involved in tennis.

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My father is going for a walk in the park.

On their journey, the pioneering team of electric motorcycle riders hope to meet the wealthy owner of a major battery manufacturing plant in Las Vegas.

It's a very good sign.

We shouldn't take it lightly.

I've got to go to the police.

I do not get up early.

She must go on a diet because she is too fat.

He writes beautifully.

Betty killed him.

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The chances are he's already heard the news.


It was not long before we heard the news.

Lea's book was translated into 33 languages and has been published in more than 99 countries all over the world.

You believe it, don't you?


I didn't feel like calling him.

I don't know what your problem is.

Ecstasy is the upper system's drug.

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I was very sad when Kylo died.

Adam sat at the kitchen table, sharpening a knife.

The crime of adultery was abolished in 1947.

I said good night to my parents and went to bed.

Marlena doesn't seem to be aware of the problem.

I can't see the end.

My mum is older than my dad.


It was a lovely evening.


Is it true you're a high school teacher?

He was made to do it against his will.

Someone left a burning cigarette on the table.

He is a better speaker of English than I.

I, for one, am for the plan.

Girls cry more easily than boys.

I'm a woman.

She took my hint and smiled.

Poaching is not allowed in national parks.

Well, here we are!

What's the fastest way to get downtown?