Hamburger icons are everywhere. They carved a niche for themselves without any intention to leave us anytime soon. Hate it, love it – just deal with it. Much like the real world, online expanses, including both web and mobile interfaces,… (281) 454-2948

What Happens & When in a Scrum Iteration

Successful Scrum implementations involve a handful of important ceremonies. This includes sprint planning, the sprint review, the daily scrum, the sprint retrospective and more. There’s often a lot of confusion about who participates, when these ceremonies are conducted, how long… Continue Reading…

Illuminating the ‘dark web’

It might sound scary, but the ‘dark web’ is not much different from the rest of the internet. Credit: Willequet Manuel/Shutterstock.com In the wake of recent violent events in the U.S., many people are expressing concern about the tone and… Continue Reading…


While I much prefer git and the GitHub workflow, Firefox’s codebase (mozilla-central) is store in a mercurial repository.  There are tools that wrap mercurial so you can use a git-like interface, like git-cinnabar, but my philosophy is to learn the… Continue Reading…

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There are a number of events out there targeted towards web designers. You will come across everything from small meetups to large corporate blowouts. Each of these opportunities has something unique to offer. Personally, I tend to prefer WordCamps over… Continue Reading…

Agile Product Backlogs Should Be Shaped Like Icebergs

At any given time, an agile product backlog will contain a prioritized list of desired features, each sized differently and written at varying levels of detail. Because the product backlog is prioritized, the smaller, high priority items reside at the… Continue Reading…


Credit: sattahipbeach, Shutterstock Estonian start-up company Spaceit has unveiled next-generation service for control and monitoring of satellites. The company offers an alternative approach to satellite ground communications, enabling customers to use their resources more efficiently via a modern and secure… 8449066121


Joining the Firefox DevTools team was a dream come true for me.  I shared why in the first episode of the Script & Style show but the quick summary is that I grew up loving Firefox (even before it was… 3108314121


Freelance web designers often work with a variety of clients. Over time, it provides for many interesting experiences. You get a behind-the-scenes look at how decisions are made – something that can vary greatly from place to place. For instance,… Continue Reading…

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As an agile framework, Scrum is deceptively simple. Yet those who implement it successfully know that simple doesn’t always mean easy. To help you on your agile journey, I have created an introductory Scrum Foundations video course. This series of… Continue Reading…

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