Electronic invoicing platform | InvoiceHub
InvoiceHub e-Quotes


Before the order, often comes a quote. Our InvoiceHub platform allows suppliers to quickly generate quotes, track status and easily “flip” to invoices once approved. Create them on the fly or create a catalogue of products.
InvoiceHub e-Ordering


With InvoiceHub, either party can initiate the process. Buyers can create and send orders to suppliers who can easily flip them into invoices. Incoming invoices are then pre-matched with an audit trail visible to both parties.
InvoiceHub e-Invoicing


More companies are shifting to e-invoices so they can trade digitally and remove inefficient paper-based processes. With InvoiceHub, suppliers can easily create e-invoices directly or by flipping an e-order or e-quote.
InvoiceHub e-Expenses


Now you can manage employee expenses alongside your other invoices without the need for paper. Employees can easily create expense reports, upload images and submit for approval.