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Real Salespower is dedicated to bringing powerful tools to salespeople to help them become more successful in less time.

Our main tool is RESAS (Real Estate Sales Accountability System). RESAS is a CRM suite specifically developed with the real estate agent in mind. RESAS allows the real estate agent to set their goals and objectives in terms of desired income and anticipated hours of work and several other variables in order to Automatically formulate a Business Plan.

Real Salespower provides the real estate agent with the tools and analytics to maximize efficiencies while improving profitability.

Build Your Business Plan
Create a plan for getting listings. Create a plan for working with buyers.

Work Your Plan
Focus on what you have to do, one day at a time. Use The Prospecting Menu and Clock to track what you do.

Analytics & Reports
Study your performance report.
Analyze your Business Generation Analysis. Study your results in real time, ultimately increasing your Efficiencies & Productivity.

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