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He lifted the trunk to show off his strength.

What kind of questions do you plan to ask?

I'm afraid we're quite full at the moment.

May I call my first witness?

Who in the world would want to kill Jonathan?

I've never tried.

Here's my pink notebook.

I'll treasure your kind words.

Are you sure you don't want coffee?

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Don't pull the trigger.

I do not sleep well.

Didn't you go out?

They were talking business.

Sho is paying attention.


I don't give a damn about you winning or losing.

It's Anna's house.

Carlos has no self-esteem.

What can you tell us?

He made me sing.

I've added a tag indicating the author.

Can you help us find him?

Is it true Elias is moving to Boston?

Could you show me the way to the theatre?

Don't forget to bring kitchen utensils such as knives and cooking pots.

Do you still want to go to the lighthouse?

I don't think it's good.

What Cathryn did was dishonest.

Why would someone do this?

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me.

You said that you hated me.

Mike's dog bit Raanan.


We have many members.

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I don't want to disturb them.

What do you guys want anyway?

Let the party begin!

You look surprised to see me.

Traffic was light.

Please don't mistake my meaning.

I can barely understand what he's saying.

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You better not open your mouth.

We'd better get going.

I'm glad you didn't do it.


I can't hide my feelings from Timo any longer.

They say that the wood is haunted.

All you can do is trust in someone.


The softest pillow is a clear conscience.

The proverb is familiar.

Well, we've finished at last.

Why do you use this font?

Why will I not write in Chinese?

I asked my local member for a job, but he brushed me off.

You can't always have your own way.

I hope that my accent's good.

Which is more important, economic development or environmental protection?

I can't tell you the answer to that yet.

I know how they did it.

I told him what the plan was.

Stefan refused to help Tommy.


How did Sunil know that Simon wouldn't be here?


I'm not dictating them.


Dale said you had something you wanted to tell me.

Betsy wore a Hawaiian shirt.

Giovanni and Matthias are both unhappy.

Where's the nearest library?

Hopefully, it won't rain this evening.


I asked Jonathan for some help.

You should darken the colours a little.

I should quit.

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His condition was, if anything, worse than in the morning.


It's OK to be afraid.

I'm responsible for them.

Jochen showed Ted some of his drawings.

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Gideon has been accused of murdering Charlie.


I gave him a chance.


He put a Closed sign on the front door of the store.


It seems that they took the wrong train.


That is not my field of work.


Antonio said it was too cold.


One's point of view depends on the point where one sits.

Will smiled eagerly.

Don't call her a freak.

Must I leave at once?

I don't know how to play tennis.


Did you tell Sandy about us?


He is always day-dreaming.


You never know what you can do till you try.

He is a man of warm heart.

The work must be completed by tomorrow.

These shoes have lights in them.

You do not necessarily have to go there yourself.

A majority of two thirds is required to ratify an overture.

Frederick the Great introduced the potato to Prussia.

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I want to speak to them.

I am beginning to understand it.

He claims that he is honest.

I feel like this isn't going to end well.

Do you have any allergies?

You should try to help them.

He worked hard none the worse for the accident.

You're insightful.

After a bit of googling, I suspect that what you said may not be true.

Did they go to the mountains?

He went by me without a single word.


Leave Kris alone.

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Are you going to leave a few cookies for me?

Larry and Rainer were my friends.

Spanish, Portuguese and other foreign conquerors had massacred South America's Indian inhabitants at an average rate of roughly "one every 10 minutes".


Kathy left the school earlier today.


Since it was late at night and I was very tired, I stayed at an inn.

What are you hiding? Come on, tell me. You can't keep it from me. That's creepy.

Shall I carry your baggage?

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Do you want to end up like Mahmoud?


It is easier to implant a belief into someone about a subject they have not considered, than it is to change a preexisting opinion.

Many people in Fiji don't have access to clean drinking water.

I don't think Herman is busy today.

Do you wish to speak to me?

After their parents died, their grandparents brought them up.

What is this nonsense about you not needing to study well?

Terri ran back into the house.

I can only speak French.

Football - my favorite sport.

I might as well make the most of it.

He often adopts the behaviours and speech patterns that characterise the advantaged.

I did what she'd asked me to.

Thanks to your help, I could succeed.

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What fun we had yesterday!


I'm feeling depressed on the inside, but you can't tell by looking, can you?

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Roger that.

We are free from danger.

What is wrong with you?


Let the tea sit a while before you drink it.

Change can be helpful.

Evelyn lost weight.

That's relatively easy to do.

This is why birds like the pigeon or the Arctic tern can find their way around the world.

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Did you see the accident with your own eyes?


Does Vassos have a chance?

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Allan worked with Urs.

The magazine is published bimonthly.

Jun promised Roland that he'd come home early today.

My grandmother has become old.

I look on him as my best friend.

There's a problem with the plane's landing gear.

One shouldn't interrupt others when they are speaking.

What a beautiful couple!

She takes great pleasure in her work.

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Marsha agreed with Russ's assessment.

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This road leads to the station.

I'm trying to keep you alive.

Timothy was later convicted.

Barrio is beginning to catch on.

What's your basis for saying this?


Where there is heart, there is luck.

I'm not very good.

He went to the back of the building.

I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.

You're unpleasant.


I usually read labels carefully.