The Enterprise Platform for Privacy and Consent Management

People are concerned about their online privacy and are annoyed by irrelevant advertising.

GDPR is here

The General Data Protection Regulation 4135569864 became effective on May 25th, 2018. Are you ready to give consumers control over data?


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What we do

We are a consumer centric technology company, providing tools for digital advertising and privacy. We believe in an internet based on value and we want to facilitate a fair value exchange between consumers, brands and publishers. Our mission is to create better online experiences for everyone.

Faktor gives consumers control and choice over their personal data, publishers the tools to operate sustainable business models and brands the ability to advertise more relevant and effectively.

Our products are build for scale, privacy by design and engineered from the ground up.

What People Say

  • IAB Netherlands has always promoted a free internet. This doesn’t necessarily mean the internet is for free. Advertising as a business model is needed to fund digital news sites, entertainment, etc. Faktor is introducing a new blockchain model in digital advertising and publishing. In my opinion it’s the next logical phase in creating a better and more personal experience on the internet.

    Yvonne de Jager
    Managing Director, IAB Nederland
  • Faktor enables publishers to monetize better while respecting consumer data.

    Jeroen Verkroost
    Managing Director Digital, Omnicom Media Group
  • A lot of startups in our industry are just another variation on existing business models. They don’t really add anything to the ecosystem. Faktor really improves the ecosystem for both the user and the industry, which we see rarely. They have my full support.

    Marco Kloots
    CEO/Founder, Platform 161
  • Faktor has a great understanding of what is important for publishers and offers an impressive solution, in line with the new privacy legislation (GDPR), giving consumers total control over their data.

    Jaimee Groen
    Yield Manager, Funda
  • So simple. So eloquent. A necessary solution to the identification problem.

    Ciaran O'Kane
    Founder & CEO, Exchangewire
  • Faktor was by far the most futuristic company we met during our week in Amsterdam.

    Dan Brotman
    Director at En-novate

Innovators by nature & determined to do good.

A world class team with over 30 years of experience in programmatic advertising and 20 years of experience in building tech. We want to build the company of the future, with highly motivated and engaged people willing to make a difference.

Ultimately we’re in it to leave a legacy and solve as many problems as we can along the way.

Tim Geenen
CEO & Founder
Niels Baarsma
CPO & Co-founder
Anke Kuik
COO & Co-founder
Johan de Groot
CTO & Co-founder