Jerrie swiftly approached Manjeri and snatched her purse from her.

These are my children.

He isn't any more capable of it than I am.

That could've happened to me.

Do you remember when Leith said that?

I'm just looking for Brandon.

Someone took my place.

She put down her thoughts on paper.

Ramiro took back what he had said about me.

I advise you to be punctual.

Let's see what happens in the next couple of years.

Why would you want to talk to me?

I haven't taken a shower in three days.

The relationship between both is not entirely uncomplicated.

She shouted and threatened a policeman by brandishing a knife.

I want to see you after lunch.

I still don't understand you.

He attributes his poverty to bad luck.

I remember my childhood with pleasure.

Shakil is a cute kid.

Stephan is anorexic.

Please do exactly as I say.


Authorities in space colonies encouraged larger families.

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I bet I can do better than them.


Do you have a picture?

Correct it, please.

I was at the baker's.

Kikki gave the documents to the wrong person.

The project is more than two years behind schedule.

Trust is earned.

We should keep away from the poisonous plants.

They held a congratulatory banquet.

From the position of the wounds on the body, the police could tell that the attacker was left-handed.

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Yoshio resembles his mother in personality and his father in appearance.


Leung's attitude is pretty good.

There cannot be progress without communication.

That is the restaurant where we had dinner yesterday.

They'll get along just fine.

What do you have against Winnie?


I'll show you around the town.


I can make sure that doesn't happen again.


Take this prescription to your pharmacy.

Somehow Theo doesn't seem to be Patty's type.

Why is it easier to park the car backwards than forwards?

I think Sridharan believes everything Joshua says.

They blamed him for failing to improve the economy.

I'm sure I can overcome any difficulty.

They say that seeing is believing.


It is essentially a question of time.

I miss my dad every day.

Maybe Sean can help.


Take this box away soon.

She used to pray before going to bed.

Charleen caught a big fish.


Our friendship did not last.

I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance.

He was the sort of man you could get along with.

I am tired of eating at the school cafeteria.

When was the last time you argued with your wife?

We just did what we had to do.

I'll see you soon.


You should call them right now.


Please stop the war.


I would like another beer.


Each individual is different.


Where're The's things?

Don't put that on the table.

Once is not enough.

Greece is an European country.

Jiri has hired a lawyer.

I have a puzzle to solve.

Do you agree that we should leave now?

My brother lives in a small village.

Ned suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and is plagued by nightmares.


That was tight.

You don't know how to say thanks.

That's my own affair.


Amarth said he had no money.

That doesn't exist except in your imagination.

Heidi eventually called Marek back.

My wife passed out in the Muay Thai lesson.

She braided my hair.

Five different contractors made the renovations.

Who is to blame for the failure?

I had to drop out of college and get a job.

Did this require a signature?

I doubt if you'll know anyone at the party tonight.

Morton couldn't figure it out.

I'm going to invest money in this business.

I feel the need for a little exercise.

I study French with Axel three times a week.

Angus persuaded her into going to the movies with him.

Go to work, send your kids to school. Follow fashion, act normal, walk on the pavements, watch TV. Save for your old age. Obey the law. Repeat with me: I am free.

I almost lost my wallet.


Why are you speaking in French?

Japan is abundant in water and people.

What do people do with old gold?


Oleg was found not guilty.

We'll have to find out, won't we?

They're green.


Last night there was a full moon.

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Please introduce me to your new friends.


Oliver uses Clearasil.


No matter how capable you are, you're not going to get a promotion.


Don't tell me you're quitting.


Let's wait till we get to Boston.

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The Efes Hotel, at which I stayed last month, was comfortable.

One wonders how it's possible.

Please don't ask me to do this.

Cut into long thin strips.

He soon became confidential with the man.


She held the child to her bosom.

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Shahid is careful.

He will arrive in Paris tomorrow.

Please stand face to face.


We've met before.

Which is the hottest of all the seasons?

My grandfather led a moral life.


Bradford knew who Nou's father was.

I want to live a carefree life in the country.

All trees and shrubs must be trimmed so that their branches are no closer than one metre from a power line.

I just realized how stupid I am.

Teri wants riches and fame.

This building will be built in the city.

I was in an accident.

Quite a few people turned out for the event.

During the winter, he complains about the cold and during the summer he complains about the heat.

Werner didn't want to make the same mistake as her sister.

The children are bouncing on the trampoline.

He swore never to trust her again.

Why did Karima want to learn German?


They're cold.

"You know what I mean." "Actually, Jinny, I don't."

They said he's very rich.


Greg has done this.


What's going to happen to her?

Kyle said he was going to go back to sleep.

I've simplified it a bit.

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This description is too abstract.


Manavendra did well in school.

Love for art carried him abroad.

Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.


There is a cat.

Count up to thirty.

I never see you anymore.

Could you please overlook it this time?

Liza took it.


I spent the hole night igniting a fire.


Do you see that you were going to lose anyways?


Is Monday OK?


Why aren't you planning on helping us?

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The tour guide pointed out the sight.

We're overreacting.

"When did he die?" "Last night, I believe."

Linguists' help needed.

Playing badminton is a lot of fun.

How many bridges are there across the River Thames?

The doctor advised that my mother stay in bed for three more days.