Jwahar thought of growing a beard, but decided not to.

What happens if you get wet?

The man went begging from door to door.

Rainer had absolutely nothing to do with what happened here yesterday.


The supermarket was relatively empty for that time of day.

What kind of guy do you think I am?

That would be awkward.

This car is my father's, but it'll soon be mine.

He is used to traveling.


I'm being good to you this morning.


She's still a minor.

I must consult my manuscripts.

Now that you mention it, what happened to that man who used to work here?

He suggested that I write to her at once.

He who drinks, will drink.


You didn't let me answer.

It's hard to take you seriously.

We didn't go out last night. We could have gone to the cinema but decided to stay at home.

I think it's impossible for us to beat him.

He was present at the party.

I wouldn't know how to help you.

Why are you there?

Drop your pants.

If you go up two floors, you'll reach the clearance sale on the sixth. Most of the items up there are half-off or less.

Roland is a likeable person.

Well, OK. Continue.


He concealed the fact from me.

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The mail carrier delivers mail from door to door.


I'd be delighted if you could come with us.

As it was printed in haste, the book has many misprints.

He postponed the party.


Mariou doesn't agree with you.


Would you like my address?

"You have the attention span of a chicken". "Chickens are tasty". "My point exactly".

She sings as well as plays the piano.

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Marie accused him of having stolen the bike.

Prince Charles will be the next king of England.

Case is the chairman of the board.

Let's say no more about it.

People are trying to eat around here.


Carolyn wants to be a lawyer.


Would you get me something to drink?

Many lacked political experience.

For all his wealth, he is not very happy.

Why doesn't she kiss me anymore?

Have you forgotten the difference between dreams and reality?

They got onto the plane.

There are different types of niqab, some of which cover the entire face.


Marek will be back in thirty minutes.


We were young and carefree.

We're just pretending.

I gave Dominic some books to read.


Did you work last night?


He had done his homework when I called on him.


Your keyboard needs replacing.

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Say nothing to no one about anything.

Good music speaks for itself.

Sarah felt a chill go up his spine.


She goes to the movies once a week.

Perhaps you have misunderstood the aim of our project.

Unfortunately, an error has occurred.

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Laurel is bored out of his mind.


Jay is a star performer.


Kurt struggled to make ends meet.


Water is good.

Brett was hit by a truck.

There's no way that could happen.

Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.

She learned the hard way.


Do you have life insurance?

The two daughters are different from each other.

I already said I'm not going.

Why would you want to do something like that?

He used to be as strong as Hercules, though.

The G8? A like-minded banquet for the rich.

Donald has already done his part.

She watched the children swimming in the pool.

When she was young, she preferred coffee to Japanese tea.


Kristian doesn't wear a hat every day.

For the first time, his army went into battle.

We all have to start somewhere.

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This is exactly what America needs.


I've been very lucky.


Next time I will do it myself.

Stand the book on end.

The negotiations took place in Boston.


I should tell you that my boss, Mr Tanaka, might try to take you drinking.


I was told not to trust you.

She's a good actress and she's beautiful.

Can we speak outside for a moment?

His great-grandfather looked ill.

He began to work for that company last year.


I want the same dictionary as you have.

He's not a religious person.

The voters have spoken.

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Please help me. I don't understand what I'm doing.

This food truly is tasty.

In my anxiety to pass the test, I studied all night.

Don't you always sleep like a log yourself? I can understand your feelings of wanting them to enjoy their meal but don't be in such a rush.

They fired Lisa.


On finishing this report, I will rest.


Sue had difficulty in making ends meet on his salary.

I translate all day long.

Eliot has a scar on his arm.


You're a beauty.


Wow, that's great.

Both are pretty; I don't know which to choose.

That's not meant to happen.


They tied their shoelaces.

I think he'll never return.

Marcia won't know why.

Tricia was getting sleepy.

The tax bore hard on the peasantry.


I checked the door to make sure it was locked.

Murat looks just like his father.

I motioned to her not to smoke.


Patrick is one of my in-laws.

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When he saw a policeman coming, he began to run like anything.


Wake not at every dog's bark.

I'm convinced Bernard had nothing to do with what happened.

What are you going to give them?

I wish I could take back what I said.

That can't be Jochen.


She's too young to get married.

Don't run around the pool.

You're mean.

Professor Smith is recognized to be one of the greatest scholars in English philology.

Our company is broke.

The treaty has been signed.

Syed will never be able to keep this a secret.


He is always forgetting things.

Short hair looks better on her.

Their opinions differ from mine.

I'm really sorry to bother you, but I'm in a real bind.

Unlock the door.


Frederic made it very clear that he wants to go out with you.

Is there anyone here who knows Ranjit?

Agatha said that she would always love Hugh.

Please tell Edwin Keith called.

I've known him my whole life.

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What're Suwandi and Sally doing here?

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Can I be of help?


We had to do as they said.

The whole future is just around the corner.

I've never kissed Suzan.

Will you excuse us, please?

I thought you two were the same age.

The big investor bought up the stocks.

What are you doing in here?

"Seen my cell phone?" "On the table!"

I never feel at ease in his company.

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He conceded us the use of his yacht.