Have your paper on my desk by Friday.

I'm really sorry that I lied to you.


If possible, I would like to go home now.

The police caught up with him.

She took no notice of what her father said.

Bjorne already knows that.

Hank stood near the gate wringing his hands nervously.

I don't want to lose any time.

I still haven't received your e-mail. Perhaps you wrote down my e-mail address incorrectly?


I was annoyed with him for interrupting me.


The washer doesn't fit through the door.


Have you finished your preparations for the trip?

I have chosen you!

I'll be back tonight.


Education begins at home.


She discovered a new colourful world.


I was born and raised in Matsuyama.

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"As for the sheets, I'll hang them up myself," said the neighbor. "They're awfully heavy."

1 kilo of tomato sauce equals to 2 kilos of tomato.

They will be taken good care of.

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We are an art portal where writers, illustrators, poets, musicians coexist. They explore every Latin American territory and every writing style known.

I have a lot to do today, so if you don't mind, I'd like to have this discussion at another time.

Is this diamond real?

"What is four plus five?" "Four plus five is nine."

Can anything else be done?

It might be too late for us to do anything about that.

That's what Dannie's trying to figure out right now.

It's not because you have a title, that you're a noble. There are people who have a natural nobility and are fine nobles. People like us who only have nobility titles are not nobles, we're more like peasants.

I'm not ready to give up.

How much longer am I going to have to do this?

I never want to drive in Boston again.

Be more precise.

Nobody understands me.

Last year, my brother was late for school every day.

I don't understand this sentence.

I want to kiss him.

That text is open-minded.

Work makes life sweet.

We painted the door green.

So. Having had all that done to him it would be stranger if he wasn't enraged.

In that case we should start by having a family meeting.

At what time does the plane from Nice arrive?

I want to eat some Korean food that isn't hot and spicy.


We should go home.

It's not moralism.

Rich knew that Lanny wanted him to go to Boston with her.

He came back at about nine last night.

We don't want to overwhelm her.

Mum and Dad aren't coming with me.

If you need anything, just ask.

Add salt to taste.

We'll get them home safely.

The mountaineer was as hungry as a wolf.

Can you take his place, Leo?

He was fined five pounds for drunken driving.

We went with him on that plan.

Christie kept working even though he was very tired.

I don't quite know what to say.

So, we finally meet! I've waited so long for this moment.

It feels right.

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I didn't know that most birds can't see at night.

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You didn't do a very good job, I said.

I knew you'd be upset.

Do you like basketball?


My father was the same age I am now when he moved to Boston.


Dan threatened to kill Linda.


The most beautiful girls are from Lithuania.


Can anyone read this message for me? I don't understand English.

Liyuan noticed Serdar was crying.

Uncontrolled, these forces may be dangerous and destructive, but once mastered they can be bent to man's will and desire.


I tried to get her to tell me.


That isn't the problem.

I didn't like it at first.

Why can't I drive?


Leon is a professional hockey player.

Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it.

Morris is a pre-teen.

We're on earth to look for happiness, not to find it.

Gail and Marci live in the same house.

Thomas once owned a lot of land.

It's quite possible to begin with splendid ideas like liberty and property and to come down on the wrong side of every question of economics or social justice.

Are you still alive, Sysko?

I followed Terri.

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Learn by heart as many idioms as possible.

That's why I don't like Rathnakumar.

One day, Kay and Gerda sat looking at a book full of pictures of animals and birds.

I've worked with Geoff a long time.

She got bored quickly.


Don't you worry about them?

You didn't answer me.

There is a military base near here.

In winter, when there is moonlight, there is ice.

She hates you, it seems.

I don't have your boots.

He has a terrible hangover.


They may have hostages.

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I'm all right.

I really liked it.

He spent his entire life helping people.

We study English in the same class.

When I grow up, I want to be king.

He looked upon any time not spent in study as so much lost time.

I'm excited about that.

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We had big plans for you.

He seems absorbed in his work.

That's a nice jacket.

We had a long period of good weather.

You'll understand someday.

I never thought I'd be here.

I don't want to be stuck in an office all day.

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Let's look at what the report says.

Torsten carved a pipe for Lloyd, but she doesn't smoke.

You seemed crazy.


I hate long goodbyes.

When you frequently communicate and have relationships with people from other countries and cultures, you end up learning a lot of things, though sometimes that can be due to misunderstandings and surprises.

I like fish better than meat.


Johann, are you there?


I hope that I'll see her.

It isn't true.

My great aunt was a staunch teetotaler.

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You speak very beautiful French.

She treated his broken leg.

You shouldn't have abandoned me.

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Hunter did everything well.

The people who don't ask you anything are the best comforters.

Do you want to go swimming with us?

Who broke that pane of glass?

How can you say that?


Would you really do that for me?

Ragnar just kept reading his book and ignored Syd.

Are these for sale?


Be careful when you shop, because some sales people will try to take advantage of you and offer you an expensive price.

Mr. Smith doesn't speak English, does he?

That is likely what I saw.

Laurel wanted to come with us.

They lived on farms or in small towns.


Let her do the dirty work.

I've always wanted to try riding a horse.

She is attracting comments from all quarters.

Perseverance, it is often said, is the key to success.

She was weeping alone.

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I guess both of us want to leave.

Why didn't you listen to your father?

When did you first suspect it was Bea who stole your money?


It is worth visiting the temple.


Have a good day at school.

I didn't have a phone.

I'll be back before you know it.

The money will turn up.

You need to stop being selfish.

I've had no problems with Ole.

I often spend my free time listening to music.

I can't remember the password I used for this website.

Raised kerbs at bus stops should be mandatory.

The massive flood paralyzed the local transportation network.

I studied for one hour.

She has many friends in Hong Kong.

Boys spend more time playing video games than girls.

We should have a celebration, Pam.

Can you have a look at my gums?

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Know your enemy and know yourself.


Perry looked a little unconvinced.