She promised not to go out alone.

We should have departed earlier.

Agatha has been doing a lot of thinking.

Any goods can be supplied at a day's notice.

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What is your philosophy?

Speaking strictly, your opinion is different from mine.

Don't meddle in other people's affairs.

I wonder why I'm so sleepy.

I want to fly to the moon.

I can't believe I have to sit an exam on Sunday!

The oldest of us is called Mikko.

What time does the next train going to Tokyo leave?

His parents said that he should go to the university.


Did you buy cat food?

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However fine the words of the management, those working for them see what is to be seen.


There are more Buddhists in Germany today than people who know how to make a good chocolate cake.

Do we have to be so formal?

She will not budge an inch no matter what anyone says.

Some of the college students who are caught cheating on the exams do not even blush.

I cannot see the hummingbird, because it is too far away.

Well, it wasn't all that bad.

I wonder if Melinda misses me when I'm gone.

Walter knows how to repair computers.

If Marcel comes, please tell me.


I can't help feeling affection for the English countryside.

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From what I've heard, their marriage is on the rocks.

Two girls and three boys live in the apartment, each one coming from a different country.

I used to watch this anime a lot when I was a kid, but I can't quite remember what happened to the hero in the final episode.

He is going beneath the shadows.

Nowadays it is not unusual for a woman to travel alone.

I think Walter is Shane's older brother.

This will be extremely helpful.

I gave one for free.

At last, the younger of the dancing sisters, out of breath, and laughing gaily, threw herself upon a bench to rest.

I don't like people who get angry easily.

He is a total stranger to me.


I want to hire a servant.

It hurt more than I thought it would.

What makes you think she had anything to do with it?


When I was fifteen, I got a room of my own.

I know the world's gone to pieces.

How much more do we have to suffer?


List hasn't taken a bath since three weeks ago.

You may take photos outside this museum, but not inside.

I'm going.

Annard asked me where I had bought my bicycle.

How much longer are you going to be here?

And you say the house is clean? Look at the floor!

She measured the length of the room.

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Tell your son to quit harassing my daughter.

I'm going to follow her.

He gives plain, simple explanations.

Your chances of dying while filling out your lottery tickets is greater than your chances of winning.

Kevyn can play the banjo.


I prefer tea over coffee.

I got off at the park.

He came via San Francisco.

Ed left right after Juliet did.

The presidential election is not a beauty contest.


I didn't talk about him.

We came back by way of Hong Kong.

Heinrich was always different.

Why not?

You don't know anything about Lee, do you?


I don't gossip.

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Let's grab something to eat.

In our culture, a man is allowed to be married to only one wife at a time.

I had no idea you'd be here.

I'd like to speak to Thierry Jackson.

Oskar's story brought tears to my eyes.

I can't understand myself.

He was pop-eyed with surprise.

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Taro enjoys the confidence of the president.

Jisheng is the baby of the family.

Competitiveness is neither good nor bad in itself.

Why did you come to see me?

What Lucius was trying to tell Clark made no sense to her.

Have you seen my car keys?

I think Niall is handling it well.


Greek is difficult to learn.


I'd like my hair trimmed.


I like red wine better than white wine.

This is really big.

I suspected as much.

She sometimes writes to her son.

Be careful about what you eat.

This is the most recent picture of Laurianne I could find.

Murray has everything a man could want.

Only your blunt remarks are worth reading.

We've both been very, very lucky.

You really could've gotten hurt.

Do you eat fish?

We can be busy with so many things, that we lose our focus.

I'm going to ask for Win Jackson's autograph.

Can you buy an inhaler without prescription ?

Here are the languages I want to learn, in roughly chronological order.

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It is important to pay special attention to your love life.

An arrow passed through the hawk.

Today I woke up early.

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No one will see us.

Amir put on one of John's shirts.

Europe is a continent of energetic peoples.


He blew his nose in a handkerchief.

Harris is just being diplomatic, isn't he?

She gave me a haughty look and walked away.

He seems to live in harmony with all his friends.

I'd rather watch grass grow.

I love them.

You're my teacher and my wife!


Do not hand over more money than is necessary to a child.

Les froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

If you eat too much, you'll become fat.

Don't talk about her like that.

Don't even think about that.

You should arrive at school before nine.

Guido is interested in you.

He is an all-round man.

I think it's time for me to close the window.

He has bought a banana case.

Look at that bird.

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How tragic!

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She had blue eyes.

He massaged her back.

I don't want to tell him.

Jocelyn Bell's parents very strongly believed in educating women.

She tried to obtain a ticket for the concert.

Comments not written in English will be deleted.

She has a new man in her life.

Dorothy and Leung did everything together.

He isn't dumber than you.

How many languages do you know?

How many rooms are there on the second floor of your house?

She often sits there reading a book.

Marion is in a state of shock.

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It seemed like a good opportunity.


Rudolf and Piete rarely do anything together.

This decision was hard.

I'd better take you home.

I've already told Andreas.

I should've recognized them.


This guy deserves a medal.

Never be defeated by the malice of people, by their agression and their hate, no matter how intense.

Helen was named the head of the organization after the director retired.

That's an interesting study.

He appealed to our emotions.

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I will not ask- or else someone will respond.


It wasn't until Eddie was 30 years old that he found out that he was adopted.

Van held Kylo tight against his chest and whispered "I love you" into her hair.

Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?

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What are your thoughts on this matter?

Meeting my old friend was very pleasant.

I admire your determination.

Rees could've killed you if he'd wanted to.

I could not help feeling sorry for him.

We're almost done for today.

He seems to be involved in that matter.

Wait here until I come back.

Please give me salt and pepper.


I feel lucky today.

No one knew a thing.

I know that I am a good teacher.

That movie was shown on television.

I don't believe God exists.

I've never felt stronger.

I have to clean the equipment, pack it away.

The play got a favorable notice.

What do you think so far?

That is a preposterous story.

I will make some coffee.