It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it.

Jeany brought back some souvenirs.

He had breakfast.

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What's your favorite color for shoes?


I want to see your expression.

His cottage is neat and comfortable; moreover, it can accommodate as many as ten people.

Erwin has a good idea.

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Comedy always includes a little tragedy. That's why there are sad clowns.


It's not worth the wait.

You just wouldn't understand.

How many times have I explained to you that your explanation is most unconvincing?

That calls for a drink.

I only need another few days to make things right.


We didn't need to take those risks.

Do you talk to your dog?

I wrote a long letter to him.

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He was unimpressed.

Why don't you look for him?

We carry out some research into the causes of brain damage.

William Shakespeare was an English playwright.

Naresh may be having fun.

That's my dictionary.

For intelligence and truth and the soul you take no care or thought.


Do you want to make a bet?


Burning with anger, she slapped him.

I have no friends supporting me.

Any one of us could do it.

As far as I can tell, there are no broken bones.

I'd like more detailed information.

Fanned by the strong wind, the flames spread in all directions.

What's his job?

Please tell me the requirements for admission to the college.

She unfolded a blanket.

I had too much to drink.

I tasted the cake she cooked.

This is by far the best method.

He sticks to his principles.


Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here?


Milo told me his secret.


She was in a great hurry.

We're way behind.

How many days are there in a leap year?

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It's all quite normal.

Do you have enough money to buy one?

"Help!", he shouted.

Whilst it's not broken, it's not necessary to fix it!

Jesper tried to hide his fear.

Leads begged me to come.

Visit my Facebook profile.

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Elliot lent me his bicycle.


I've got to try to catch Dory.

Rainer tried to leave, but Michael wouldn't let him.

It became clear that she'd told a lie.

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I knew you were OK.

It doesn't matter what we do.

You should've paid your bills on time.

It's not worth the risk.

This is very bad.

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It's just a penis-measuring contest.


Where's the toothbrush?

We've just met.

The press is not allowed inside.

Do you like chocolate?

Is that why you bought all this stuff?

My mother took my temperature.

A knocking sensation may indicate a loose headset.

At last she got a job as a stewardess.

He felt ashamed of not answering the question.


If no one has a better proposal, let's get to work.


Vadim gave Stanley a warning look.

Money is tight right now.

You should get up early.

The seeing-eye dog helps the blind man to cross the street.

If it's not too much trouble, I would like some help.

This is a violation of the law.

They can't be right.

I'll help find them.

Kerri sipped his wine.

You or I will be chosen.

How do I get one of those?


Why didn't you tell me before?

Never, in my life, have I enjoyed myself so much.

Fritz admits he often plays truant.

It's difficult to give an objective definition of terrorism, as it is practically different in every country.

She was the brightest and gayest of all present.

It's been in there for a week.

Let's go and see what's happening.

Mr George Bush is the forty-first president of the United States.

Oh! I know the man.

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It seems that he was very much amused by the story.

Don't do anything foolish.

You like chocolate, don't you?

He was sitting side by side with his brother.

She's addicted.

I admire her efforts.

Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.


Natural disasters can be devastating.

I think Srinivasan means just what he said.

My friend name is SWATI


Don't talk about him.

There are some things we could've change, but we chose not to.

Skip promised that he would hand over the money soon.

I need to go get my laptop.

Someone owes me money.

Let's go skinny-dipping.

We don't have enough time.

This river flows quickly.

The door was opened by a tall man.

As soon as the bell rang the teacher came into the classroom.

The library is closing.

Sweet revenge.

Mind your own business!

We need to conserve ammo.

Damone is blinded by his anger.

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I'll try to prevent that from happening.


Now I agree with you.

Knudsen broke his neck falling down a flight of stairs.

Welcome to the US.


Joon poured milk into a bowl for his cat.

Does he need to help her?

Don't worry. I'll talk to them.

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Not a word to anyone, please.

She's going to the top of the rock.

You just don't want to get wet.

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Would you tell Oleg I'd like to see him?

If it is even possible, translating jokes is quite hard.

You are wanted on the phone.

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In other words, we create time, we are time-makers, and we create it in order to do whatever we want to.

Something's burning.

He kindly answered questions.

I thought that might happen.

I want to become better at French.

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Stop war! Start love!


My grandmother was bilked out of her life savings.

Julius is a poor loser.

What's the whole story?

My phone is out of battery.

He is engaged in an occupation of his own choice.


You can take it, I really don't need it as much as you think.

I don't have an appointment.

That doesn't sound like Lorien.


I think that Ethan and only Benson can do it. However, some people think that Jacques could do it, too.

The teams had just started to play when it began to rain.

I knew what you were doing last night.

I don't know how Hillel talked you into this.

He told me his name was Michiel.

Mikey is thirteen.

I don't like the idea much.

This is a camera made in Japan.

Isn't that enough for you?


Socorrito was babbling.


Please put the meter on.

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Keep your hands clean.

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They never know what to say.

I finished my work at six o'clock.

I know I'm not supposed to be here.

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I was very sad when Krzysztof died.


I think this suit is much superior to that one in quality.

Ami repacked his suitcase.

I am not at all young anymore.