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We don't need Jacob.

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So he works at this factory, does he?

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I told them what I thought of their plan.

Don't be an asshole.

I guess I'm a little curious.


It wasn't me. It was Joanne.

Sri used to speak French better than Willie.

I want to send Suzan a letter.

Won't you speak more slowly?

In general, consumers prefer quantity to quality.


I thought you lived with her.


I agree to your proposal.


Bob dropped in at his uncle's house.

They learned all there was to know about it.

The army faced little opposition.

Are you a trekkie?

We need to repaint the barn.

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I went to Boston with him.


I've had a lot of work to do lately.

I hate myself for hating Micah.

I know I've been a little tough on him.


I'll make sure nothing happens to Sangho.

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I have to find my pen.

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Most people form opinions the same way they get colds - they're infected.

In the village.

We won't go out unless it stops raining.

I'd appreciate it if you would turn off the lights.

It took me several hours to write it.

Maybe you should get some sleep.

This is a rough world we are living in.

One hour of justice is more than seventy years worth of prayers.

It was not easy for us to find his house.

I respect the mister's point of view.

WHO stands for World Health Organization.


People sometimes narrate their actions to themselves as a running commentary.


How many guitars do you own?

Are sandwiches OK for lunch?

Who makes breakfast for Krzysztof?

You're right again.

Ernie and Marsh often play tennis on grass courts.


She wrung the towel dry.

Wendi is capable of doing that.

What are some of your favorite movies?


Who in the world do you think you are?

We have more important things that need to be taken care of.

Certain smells can easily trigger childhood memories.

I don't want you to date her.

You can sit down if you want.

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He couched his demand in respectful words.

Estrogen is a hormone.

I hear she is going to get married next month.

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We didn't do anything for them.

The theory of the separation of powers is attributed to Montesquieu in his book "The Spirit of the Laws."

I met a girl who became a good friend.

Have a cup of tea, won't you?

Let's wait for Hirotoshi.


I spent two hours reading a book last night.

She came in with tears in her eyes.

You're going to love living here.

This camera is the one that Boyce bought last Thursday.

Both of those students didn't pass the test.

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For you, failure is the only option.

I guess I'm getting used to it.

Dan put out the fire with a bucket of water.

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Nobody studied my country.


He seems to have been rich before.

Kay seems annoyed.

Raising a child costs a fortune.

It rained hard last night.

He has a plan to ambush him.

When he finished the work, he went home.

What time of day is it?

I've tried to reason with you.

How long should I wait here?

I want to achieve something in life.

Did you anticipate that, too?


You'll get what you deserve.

How long has Jitendra been up there?

I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, 'Why is this guy making such a big deal of this?' But make no mistake. This is essential.

Every time I meet him, I feel so happy.

Len handed Mitch his phone.


Hardly had he arrived at the hospital when he breathed his last.

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I don't think they're going to hear us.

I'm sure you'll be just fine.

Does Neil know French?

"A story! a story!" shouted the children.

The expense is chargeable on him.


He has the lead in the race.

I'm bored, home alone, without cartoons or a computer.

What are you guys talking about?

I fucking don't know how to translate this sentence, translate it yourself, everybody deal with their own shit.

How long were you married to Vishal?

Please tell them what they want to know.

We just want our money back.

I need to hire a lawyer.

No bone was broken.

I live in Canton.

Geoff, hurry up.

It looks like you've lost a few pounds.

Please refrain from smoking cigarettes here.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes.

The train leaves at nine.

They had to pass the tradition on to the next generation.

I don't like what you're saying.

We pulled together to get out of hardship.

I have to cancel.

Tollefsen has to have everything his own way.

Roger will hear me.

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That policy could change.

Papiamento is a creole language.

I am drawing a bird.

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The road is too narrow for cars.


I've been around for a while.

Let's compare the translation with the original.

Do you know her personally.

We've had very bad luck.

Etruscan language and culture disappeared rapidly during the 1st century; B.C.

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Can you leave the light on?

I never see you without remembering your father.

Do you have enough money for the trip?


High school is not enough.

Come on, you have to tell us.

These are my books and those are his books.

Kikki tried to make Jurevis jealous.

This car is bigger than that one.

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I believe this was unnecessary.


Please don't throw anything out.

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The matter touches your interest.

Jesper thought he was going to be able to meet Ben.

I never said I believed him.

It will take an hour to get there.

We think we've found a way to help you.

Mikey knew it was time to leave.

He added insult to injury.

Could you please wait a minute?

Del might recommend that we stay here for a week or two.

He enjoyed reading detective stories.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

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Vick made the football team.

I studied around the clock.

I looked Jeannette in the eyes and told him the truth.

Tell her to stop staring at me.

Uri was welcome wherever he went.

I see no reason why he doesn't relate to the firm.

Don't just whine, do something!


Marcia doesn't think before he speaks.

We had so many good times.

Pythagoras used to say that he had received as a gift from Mercury the perpetual transmigration of his soul, so that it was constantly transmigrating and passing into all sorts of plants or animals.

Someone needs to tell him that.

If you don't know what kind of mushroom it is, better not take it.

The train was so crowded that I had to stand all the way.

They were to have got married in May.

You can't know that.

Why are you watching this clip?


I am disconsolate!

Well, that's all I've got.

I was enchanted with the music.

The children are clamoring to go to the zoo.

I sometimes dream of my mother.

It's not a watch.

I get up at six.

Nothing daunts her.

Pascal has been lying about that.