I don't have any money on me.

My father has been dead for three years.

There are 10 types of people in the world: those who can understand binary and those who can't.

Gale won't do that.

Your friend is tiresome.

The angler felt a strong tug on the line.

A lawyer named Bea Jackson called me this morning.

Money cannot give talent, and sometimes it can prevent to reach it.

I have to be very careful.

I thought Sarah had talked Manuel out of buying that.


Juan lives in town.

I see I was wrong.

The dial code for Bulgaria is +359.


Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, I take the disposable chopsticks home with me.

Ask no questions and hear no lies.

I can't recall who said that.

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We found all the boxes empty.

We waited for Barbra, but he didn't come.

Some gazelles live in the mountains.

I took your name off the list.

Kyu worked for a construction company in Boston.

Geez! Are you deaf?

My presence seems to be unnecessary.

It always snows in the Alps.

We walked slowly towards them.

She was found hacked to death.

My poor Amazigh cost me my job.

Why would they hire you?

I opened the chess game with the Italian opening.


Which way should we go?


Darrell helped because he wanted to.

I'll sleep in my room.

Serdar locked the drawer and put the key his pocket.

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I forwarded the schedule you sent me to Pria.

He is so mild in disposition that I have never heard him speak in a loud voice.

What do you think of the present cabinet?


He is opposed to carrying out the new plan.

He was always filthy and looked like he wasn't given enough food.

Don't tell me you weren't doing something.

Think heard someone running down the hall.

I wouldn't know where to start.

Lindbergh's solo nonstop transatlantic flight was a remarkable accomplishment.

I went all the way to see my doctor, only to find him absent.

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He referred to your illness.

Norbert came home crying.

I want to die on that night!


Jason arrived in this prison in 1976.

He's not stronger than me.

I've never felt unsafe in Boston.

I had to make you trust me.

You're spending less and less time with the children.

Things came to a head at the weekend when Lynnette found out that Hazel had been having an online affair.

It seemed like a good opportunity.


You shouldn't hate people. You should only hate what they do.

Beckie was a good man. He didn't deserve to die.

Kurt knocked on the door.

You believe him completely.

Bradford is wrong about that.

I really want to impress Rick.

I don't care about boats.

Ji threw his game.

The mirror was shattered.


How many engineers took part in the conference?

That was my second guess.

No one received enough votes to win the nomination.

She stayed with me.

Nothing can stop you.

Let us show you how it's done.

Donn always has to put her two cents worth in.

I wish this was all over.

That's the man whose suitcase I found.


The Iroquois are the worst civilization in Civilization V.

We have to do something about that.

That book was so boring that I couldn't finish it.

Eddy is doing better today.

Let's start at once; it's already late.

I can do better than that.

Does he have a passport?

Finding an optimal solution will take some time.

What made you think I'd be interested in this?

Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel in 1857.

They were delegates from India to the U. N.


How are complaints handled?

It's necessary for you to go.

Curt, you traitor!

Liber could not stand his mother.

My brother doesn't like the taste of sea urchin.

If she comes, I'll go too.

The period is referred to as the Stone Age.

I know that Max isn't hungry.

We took an airplane from Mexico to Madrid.

That's just what she needed.

Normally this would be funny.

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Myrick likes romantic comedies.

Are you studying or are you working?

Are you finicky?

Men's wants become greater in proportion to the increase in their income.

Please give me a bigger discount.

She deserves to know the truth.

I'll grab a taxi and be right there.


Samir didn't know what else to say.


The alterglobalists denounce growing inequalities.

The store is advertising a sale.

I am looking up at the big building.

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Don't slurp your soup.

My father caught me by the arm.

He fulfilled the functions of a statesman.

Were you there when Roxanne talked?

Your camera is not as excellent as my camera.

As soon as we find out anything, we will contact him.

He turned to the left at the corner.

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It's an unusual name.


Sanjay wanted Juliet to be quiet.

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Rolfe's hands are always well-manicured.

C++0x will admit template functions that take an arbitrary number of arguments.

Some day you will regret this.

I made a sandwich for lunch.

According to Dr. Kattnig, pigeons use quantum mechanics to find their way home.

Is context really necessary to understand the subjunctive?

Because you're a minor, you can't enter.


Is Mr Schmidt at home now?

I don't blame you for this.

I believe that's all I have to say.

Why is anyone here?

No further details were available.

Please try your best to get along with everybody else.

Let me know if you find anything else.


Let's not just sit around. Let's go out and do something.


The man is right.

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Decide the register.


I'm almost done. Just give me a minute.

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I hope you'll have a great year.

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I just downloaded a lot of files.


The computer froze up.

The snow compelled us to put off our departure.

Do you hear that, Dan? You're doing a disservice to the community.

Caroline's mother did not see the need for a girl to become educated.

The song is now very familiar to us.

Can we make it?

You're still up? Isn't tomorrow also an early day for you?


All I can do is to do my best.

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Expenditures must be reduced.

It was a big explosion.

It's possible that he's a genius.

The truth is, he is nothing other than a deceiver.

Christmas is a special holiday.

Leo only likes women under thirty or over sixty.

I cannot thank him enough.

Romain loved to help people.

It is man's natural sickness to believe that he possesses the Truth.

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I met my friend on the street.

We left Boston at 2:30 yesterday.

But there are other advantages.

It's important that you share your pain.

Gilles asked Leith to help him find John.


Shouldn't we get started?

Miriam is a dangerous guy.

Sanche became depressed after Deb left him.

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I know it's wrong, but I'll do it anyway.

That robot came in handy for many things.

Why don't you tell us a little something about yourself?

You are the last person whom I expected to meet here.

I knew that.

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I really appreciate what you've done.


Jeannie paused for several moments.