Do you speak Macedonian?

Lo and behold!

They barricaded themselves in the room.


We should respect the ideas of others.

The car has a new engine.

I want to see what Linda wants first.

Don't even say that as a joke.

This is a comfortable chair.


Many people have lost their savings.


I hurried so I wouldn't miss the train.

If he is proficient in English, I'll employ him.

I modified the line-up.


One will be judged by one's appearance first of all.

I need a smoke.

Why is this so familiar?

What's the big hurry?

Nobody here lives an atheistic life. During disasters and during fortunes everyone relies on God.

She's still breathing.

The economy still hasn't completely recovered from the financial crisis.


Vinod signed his name with the pen Ranjit had given him.

He finally opted for the smallest one.

Have you finally lost your nerve?


Carter is hiding under the bed.

Edmund sounded mad.

The man all in red was holding a gun.

We pointed out to him the error in his reasoning.

You can't miss the bank. It's on the right.

Mahesh was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was ten years old.

Betty seemed surprised at the news.

Who has my wallet?

I can't take my eyes off her.

We were cut off while talking on the telephone.

We're really touched.

I meant to call him.

Mr. Smith is drinking coffee.

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Much love to the children.

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Our love will last forever.

John was another great player.

I feel like a new man.

Steen likes to go to the beach.

Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

This is impermeable to water.

Marriage, if one will face the truth, is an evil, but a necessary evil.

You do want that, don't you?

I hear that you're not well.


Bradley had nothing else to do.

They urged him in vain to sell them his prosperous firm.

Rafik was detained by the police.

I know where she lives.

Do you mean it?

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I'd better get going.

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They aren't alone.

They did not want to spend much time talking about it.

Human beings are not always wiser than animals.

The young girl gave the guest a little flower.

He brought food to his guest and provided him shelter.

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You should not judge a man by his appearance.

Lucy found Dwight.

Do we have to go now?

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You can eat as much as you want.


Pablo wanted this.

Let's go by taxi, shall we?

I need to buy some medicine for Bobby.

I wonder how Pierre is holding up.

Everything made List laugh.

They made their way toward the town.

Gil adopted our idea.

Please just take it.

We have to stay here whether we want to or not.

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I suggest you let them go.

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You need to take your shoes off before entering the room.

Tobias shouldn't have to do that.

Be nice to Ann.

I'm sorry, did you say something?

Maybe Kelly would like that.


I was talking about you.

Janice and Ramanan met at a New Year's party.

Melanie has an idea of how to create an artificial language.

Anna thought Matti's cooking was delicious.

Barbara confused us.

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Won't you take a chair?


Should I make a cream pie or a pound cake?

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Did Giovanni ever mention a nurse named Brandy Jackson?

I can barely walk.

Where is it hidden?

His question took her by surprise.

Bathe the baby, won't you?

Prophets of the downfall of American democracy have seen their dire predictions come to naught.

Australia is not Austria.

He came without notice.

You play the guitar very well.

I must find a way to earn a lot of money.

What is the temperature of the ice?


Why don't you just tell him?

Darin began to open the present.

The auction ends Monday.

I'm an astronomer.

Roxane wrote a love letter to Earl.

How can we find them?

Did you ever figure out what it was?


Why have I done such mistakes?

New York's Fifth Avenue is comparable to Ginza.

Isn't this what you want?

There is still much more to be done.

I'm not that kind of person.

Julie is already on the train.

He is a painter.

I like dogs better than cats.

She behaves obsequiously toward superiors.

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Surya is already in his office.

Are you that hard up?

I didn't think Tao knew.


You can't be sure of that.

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Fay put the knife on the table.

Ernest always talks about himself.

What medication is Andrea on?

The man who is waving to me is my uncle.

That wasn't even a lie.


Nicolette wants full custody of the kids.


That belongs to us.


Don't come any closer.

I interpreted your silence as consent.

We'll take our chances.

How did I manage to do that?

He threw the letter into the fire.

That theory is generally accepted.

Cathryn was the only one in the nightclub who wasn't drinking.

Is Horst going to get his money back?

Pam is still wearing his work clothes.

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I told you I wanted to buy it.

Cross out the incorrect words.

The old custom is still kept up in that district.

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Would I deceive you?


This room smells funny.

You may come in now.

Clara and Shel live on the same street.

If you do that to me, I will cut your throat.

Mitchell asked me to drop by.

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Diane makes the best spaghetti in the world.

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I told you to stay away from me.

I'm afraid to cross the street in Beijing since drivers don't respect pedestrians there.

This is the first time I've ever shaken with cold.

You should make the best of your limited time.

It's over, isn't it?

My sister has a nice piano.

What's bugging him?

You don't have anything to worry about.

Antony didn't like the new plan.

We'll help you, okay?

Don didn't want to believe me.

They walk barefoot.

Even though his phone was obviously ringing, Jimmy left it on the table and didn't answer it.

You should be proud of me.

It's one of the world's greatest collections.

Anyone can tell the truth, but only very few of us can make epigrams.

The lid of this box won't lift.

You couldn't have done more than that.

What kind of jerk is this?

What makes you laugh like that?

I just don't feel that way about you.

I'm pretty good at guessing.

The quantity discounts are according to the size of the order.

Aaron was coldly killed by Roderick.

I wasn't told the reason.

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Let's pick headlice.