Vanessa Monet Helps Allure Cum


Allure and her girlfriend Vanessa Monet figure out how to use the strange dildo. When they do, Vanessa is fitted with it over her mouth to pleasure Allure’s hole in the bathtub. Allur then adds on to the sensation and vibrates herself to a tremendous climax.

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Two Girls Gagged and Simul Teased Pt 1

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Jade Nacole and Dymund are bound together side by side and gagged so that Goddess Sonya can make them cum at the same time. Sonya uses her fingers and then the vibrator to make the bound beauties moan and writhe to orgasm. But will it be simultaneously?

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Faith wakes up to find herself tied up on a massage table with medical straps. She is bound and no where to go. She is half naked in her bra and panty. She is forced to orgasm with a giant toy! Do you think she likes it or hates it?

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Lesbian Bondage Orgasms 130831mobile


one of my more creative ideas. one lesban lover is strapped legs in the air spread wide. her girlfriend is strapped tight with the hitachi attached between her legs like a big cock. raquel gets hypersensitive after one orgasms so i make her go through orgasm hell by being hitachi fucked by her very own girlfriend.


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Jade Nacole is so excited from being teased with the vibrator by Goddess Sonya. Now, she’s about to get inserted with a vibrator attachment. Watch as Jade Nacole gets even more horny from the vibrating penetration.

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Highspeed!!! 45 sec from start to cumshoot!!!!!!Beccy jerks as fast as she can, you cant see her hand. She did it so fast the cum gets to foarm…! The complete clip is just 1:30 min long, well, highspeed as i said.DVD Quality



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