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363 eLearning presents its unique three thrusts and elements:


363 elearning builds its programs around the companies' particular identities and branding unique to its environment.

Most companies have its own documents, policies, vision, mission and goals that are identified to their name and identity which they want to transform into elearning.

At 363 elearning,  we take their content and make it into a customised platform introducing changes and updates but still retaining the organization's ideals. It can also be that 363 eLearning will build from scratch and customised the content according to the company's standards.

363 elearning acknowledges that every organization has different needs and is not designing a generic program that will fit all. Organisations will even enjoy navigating through 363 elearning interface with their own colors, logo, branding and feel.

Some of the topics 363 elearning can tailor-fit for an organization are the following:

  • Staff induction
  • Customer service
  • Executive training
  • Sexual harassment
  • Improvement Programs   
  • Manual Handling
  • Time management


The deployment method of 363 elearning is another significant advantage to the organization especially to time-poor Human Resources department and administration managers.

While staff training is the responsibility of everybody in the organization, we all recognize that HR managers are under constant considerable pressure. In large companies where they handle different branches and a lot of staff, all they really need to do is to coordinate with the administration managers and 363 elearning will take care of the rest.

The staff can just log-in and access the module at a time convenient for them. For those who do not have access to a computer, 363 elearning will also provide manuals with a specific workbook for the team leader with answers and guide to work through a particular program. 


363 elearning manages the process of assessment which includes preparation of reports based on various modules, procedure of programs, number of completed modules and training, percentage of passing marks to be submitted to every department of the organisation.

This ensures a great traceability to guarantee that the training has been conducted and completed according to the standards of the company.


While the primary costs are incurred during the process 363 eLearning increases its payback in the long run. The costs for delivery and maintenance are relatively low. There is no need for instructors to lead the process or materials like books, information and answer sheet decreasing the costs.

363 do not charge by the number of people to be trained. The package price is per organisation. An organisation can run the program as many times as it likes with as many people going through the program with no additional cost.

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Customised Courses Offered

363eLearning courses are designed and customized for targeted topic areas from the technical to management and executive development. We offer new kinds of content ranging from downloadable texts, presentations and videos, reaching out even those without internet access and presented in flexible ways to share content with peers and colleagues. These courses are globally patterned and developed to ensure that all the different ways people learn, discuss, share and practice new skills are efficiently covered.

Help for Time-poor HR Managers

363 elearning is a great partner for time-poor HR Managers giving accessibility to staff training in business environments. These benefits include the following:

  • Accessibility 
    There is no requirement for classrooms with how internet technologies have crawled in a global scale. E-learning can be accessed  on-demand, when and where it is needed, both on-site and off-site.

  • Time Reduction and flexibility
    E- learning is flexible. Companies can integrate an individual employee's training with organizational needs and provide knowledge and skills they need when they need them. The entire courses need not be taken. Learners can take the modules of information and learning appropriate for the current needs saving time.  With eLearning's use of videos,  audio, presentation and various means of teaching methods  and the immediate feedback mechanisms, the time taken to learn is greatly reduced. A company spends less time training and pay less for productivity. Organization has emphasized just-in-time training as one of the great values of e-learning lowering the interval between the learning and application of the knowledge or skills, which nurtures the learning process.

  • Self-pacing
    eLearning allows customized styles for individuals.  It affords the student to manage and develop his skills.  Learners can review the lessons they need at times convenient to them holding them accountable to control their ways of learning.

  • Assessment process
    eLearning allows instant and easy monitoring of the progress of the learner. The immediate feedback provided to the questions or responses gives the advantage for the learner to take the necessary steps to find the right answer.