I strongly urge you to follow my advice.

Kory is a believer.

In a word, it's ridiculous.

He faced toward the sea.

I'm going to have some fun.

Tao told Sharon why she shouldn't go out with John.


I didn't do anything!

I constantly talk to myself.

My bicycle is in need of repair.

I made Griff laugh.

Timo has been dealt with.

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Cathy warned Sue not to go there with John.

I'm not sure about this at all.

You don't have a life jacket.

The coordinator is Irwin.

We were worried about her.

I want the other one.

Those kinds of methods are out of date.

Stop the car now.

Junko is a beautiful girl.

I think I'm not allowed to do that.

This is what I've been waiting for.

We plan to invite both Petr and Bryce.

He looked upon the scene without much interest.

The sight of the money tempted him into stealing.

Sanity met Kelly on his way to school.

I'm going to take you to her.

She loves studying music.

Does anyone know where you can buy birthday party invitations?

My sister often looks after the baby.


Don't hesitate to ask for advice.

When it becomes winter breath becomes white.

"I love you, too," answered the Fairy, "and if you wish to stay with me, you may be my little brother and I'll be your good little sister."


Stan does look really tired.

I love this area.

Kenneth gave me some books.

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The problem of poverty is growing worldwide.


At home we only speak Spanish.

How can I get rid of all those fallen leaves?

Stop. It hurts.

I'd like to know why.

Smoking is harmful to health.

My daughter is to get married in June.

I expected Darrell to do more.


He likes jazz.

He's not a scientist, but he IS our friend.

We have time, there's no rush.

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Those chairs are in the way.


We don't have that in Europe.

I need a towel.

A wreath was bound around his head.

Dress warmly!

Do you remember anything Heinrich said?

Drivers must stop at the stop line.

She's only with him for his money.

When did you get to know the fact?

"This idea accompanied Esperanto from the first moment of its birth until the present time. It impelled the author of Esperanto when he was still a little child."

To shield from space radiation, moon habitats may have to be underground.

When can I see you next time?

The opposite is true.

Thanks to his efforts, he attained his object.

I couldn't take the chance.

We need to make better decisions.

I can't take you anywhere.

It was her first job.

He exclaimed that I should not touch the gun.

There must be something else to eat.

Stop gossiping.

He spoke to me on behalf of the company.

That's what Randell does to those he doesn't like.

The witch cast a spell on the naughty boy.

I'd rather eat somewhere else.

You're not rich.


Aimee and Price both need new shoes.


This boy is my son.


Over the holidays, I spent days doing nothing.

The investigation concluded that the police officer had done nothing wrong.

I'm not sure it's a good idea.

I repair computers almost every day.

I've enjoyed good health all my life.

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You're making the biggest mistake of your life.

Only your narrow-minded ideas are interesting.

We are worried about where he is now.

I don't know whether she will show up.

Her car broke down on the interstate.


His conduct was nothing short of madness.

He has a large family.

I'd do the same thing in your shoes.

Let's take a picture.

Peel the apples or wash them.

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The protesters threw stones at the police.

Benson has been living just outside Boston for years.

Marla asked Tran to sit down for a while.

We need to go back to the drawing board.

Today's trivia corner! Today it's about the origin of Calpis.

Her tastes in clothes are quite different than mine.

It was nice to do nothing.

We saw all the houses pulled down one after another.

Milner has a long drive ahead of him.

She hit him again and again.

It was very considerate of Mr Yamada to send his secretary a bouquet of flowers on her birthday.

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Annard used to be conceited.

"What's in your cauldron?" "It's just soup!"

What he said is irrelevant to the matter.

She comes to visit us every now and then.

They felt good about themselves.

I did everything I was told to do.

Wendell is trustworthy, isn't he?

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They didn't run.

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The policeman demanded their names and addresses.

She goes to junior high.

I like sitting by the window.

You said it was an emergency, so I came right away.

He grew a beard while he was on holiday.

You ought to take your father's advice.

The guy I met yesterday didn't give me his real name.

Slartibartfast has a blog on Tumblr.

I'm more than willing to help you.

I wanted red shoes.

Win and Jeffery are both Canadians.


I'm coming to you.

Her skirt is long.

Sanjay's an expert.

I wanted to thank you for that.

"Nice person," that's the word girls used to call men to indicate that they aren't possible objects of romantic interest.


He has four children to provide for.

We were just playing.

You're not normal.

Tell her that I am in a taxi.

Write your name in capitals.

I stayed in bed all morning.

I had trouble deciding which brand of dog food to feed my dog.

Michelle and Tomas confronted each other.

No matter how things go, let's stay together.

I can not agree with you as regards that.

That's downright dangerous.

I don't want you to reschedule.

Travis doesn't care for Japanese food.


Laurie was going to kill them.

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That would be amazing.

Mikael and Daren are going to a dance tomorrow evening.

Pratap admitted that she had been secretly going out with Sjouke.

If you stuff the box too full, the bottom will fall out.

This has never been done before.


Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

We've all missed you.

What name will be given to the child?

It was an unforgettable vacation.

It's not Kieran's problem. It's mine.

He grew up in small towns in Texas.

The war had ended.

I don't want to disappoint Allen.

Our factory needs a lot of machinery.

I'll tell you what I know.

He says he will come, which is quite impossible.


Pilots must be well-trained in English.

You spend a lot of time on the phone.

Her idea is very similar to mine.

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I'm from the East Coast.

You can't stay at home on a day like that, can you?

There used to be a hut around here.


We just can't take that chance.

The lonely girl eats a soggy sandwich.

You lied to us, didn't you?

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Our business is your perfect satisfaction.

Archie is dark and handsome.

My mother said that she was all right.

Here's the score of the opera.

Recently, more and more countries have prohibited smoking.

Paul put the book on the shelf.

She denied any involvement in the murder.

Back away from him.

My mom was very worried.