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How to Understand and Protect Your Online Privacy

We live in a digital world, and that’s a good thing. However in recent years interest in online privacy and how to protect it has exploded. It’s not hard to see why with stories like Edward Snowden revealing widespread blanket surveillance of the entire USA population.

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A beginners guide to Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPNs are fast becoming the mainstream solution for quickly and easily protecting online privacy, with an estimated 1 in 4 internet users now using a VPN service. And with the best VPN services offering protection for all devices for all the family from just $5 per month…


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How to Safely Use Free Public Wi-Fi

Free public Wi-Fi is everywhere today, with over 70% of people logging on at least once a week. But many Wi-Fi hotspots are unsecure, leaving users vulnerable to hackers stealing personal data including passwords, photos, private messages and even bank details.

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