May I speak to Bill?

Only an expert can tell them apart.

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She died a little after six.

The tree cast a shadow across the road.

Valeria isn't much of an athlete.

You can't be hungry. You've just had dinner.

I can take care of yours truly.

Don't blame it on Ahmed.

Lester knitted Leigh a sweater for his birthday.

I missed my bus this morning.

How did your date go with Mohammad?

I think they want to destroy the base.

It was careless of me to leave my umbrella in the train.

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I can take her home.

Nguyen has given us so much.

Dirk feels a little better after taking the medicine that the doctor prescribed.


This custom is followed in most households.

It's hard to be a woman. One must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a girl, and work like a horse.

My friend ought to have arrived here by now.

This was his first voyage as captain.

Is there something we can do?

Again, hello.

I don't want to hear about them.

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It's so peaceful.

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Someone broke into my apartment.

Hartmann has a lot of responsibilities.

I'm ambidextrous.


Carisa doesn't seem to understand what we meant.

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If I were rich, I'd go abroad.

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Nhan recovered.

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You have to share the cake equally.

Maureen drank his orange juice.

That's one problem solved.


You're tired. I'm also tired.

Can you get me some water?

He was so drunk that his explanation did not make sense.

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I have been anxious about my son's safety.


Why did you fire them?

In summer I go to the sea, in winter to the mountains.

Surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the most righteous of you.

I believed this promise with unbelievably great naivete for a long time.

I listened to her story.

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George is a math nerd.

He was absorbed in reading when I visited him.

I still think that Eva will win.

He welcomed his fellow worker into his home.

She cannot be here so early.


Height is a distinct advantage in basketball.

Have you written in your diary yet today?

If I'm away from home for a period of time, I will stop mail delivery.

It's not all sunshine and kisses.

Not every child likes apples.


Most people in the village objected to the plan.


The farmer that lived nearby came to investigate.


I wanted to hug him.


Jeannie tried to sing Bryce to sleep.

We bagged two hot girls tonight.

For many are called, but few are chosen.

I fell down on the ice.

I don't want any fruit.


Everybody kept working.

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Carsten needs to make some decisions.

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I don't think Miles took us seriously.

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My monthly wage is 300,000 yen.

King thought Ronald's dress wasn't appropriate for the occasion.

The most logical place to keep your shoes is near the door.


Send me some!

The mother of that child is an announcer.

Our education system is very poor.

If by any chance it should rain, he won't come.

I have to share this room with my friend at present.

Alain spilled his drink, so I bought him another one.

I'll talk to them tomorrow.

Animals have no reason.

You can't kick me around any more.


There were people talking upstairs.


We got what we asked for.

Kit just gave this to me.

If you give it a try, you will find this game very exciting.

I had a horrible childhood.

I'm not an only child.

I am afraid your plan will not work.

It is gross to kick autistic children.

In all matters, safety first!

What's the difference between science and pseudo-science?


I want to visit Cuba before Castro dies.


I've made a mistake.

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What's that got to do with Owen?

Lukas has three cars in his garage.

I don't like to work.

I owe him thirty thousand.

Have you ever played Angry Birds?

Hillary put the pencil down on the desk.

If you look, you'll notice that he's turning left.

Brent likes being single because he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

He doesn't go to school anymore.

The members of the family nursed the patient by turns.

She has had this house since 2010.

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Roxane opened the file cabinet.

Everett asked me to be more attentive.

Let's not go there.

He's holding the real story back from us.

The hill is always green.

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Stop scaring us.

This is what I'm good at.

The World Cup is going to start on the 11th.

I'd have told you that.

It's the best we have.

Prohibition is hereby officially prohibited.

Don't stand on ceremony. Just make yourself at home.

Shadow never gets invited to parties.

People usually don't like what they don't understand.

Someone's going to hurt Jorge.

I'm a lousy swimmer.

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I'll try to keep that in mind.

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Kelly is going to be punished.


In a way, you are right.

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She loves her son dearly.


Just tell Isabelle what's in your heart.

Do you always listen to my phone calls?

We should take matters into our own hands.

When do we leave?

It's unusual.

Nobody can beat me.

Shari likes to dress up on special occasions.


Stagger just wants Paula to help him with his homework.


You can't run away from age.

Your voice is strange. What's wrong?

Brooke knows Root knows.


I said yes immediately.


I'm in a hurry to get home.

She would benefit from a visit.

Why don't you translate my sentences anymore?

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Where do you go to school?

I'd like to cook chicken tonight.

There was an air of mystery about the whole affair.

The transportation system in that city is quite good.

Everyone got something for Christmas.

Roderick must decide.

I was feeling the same.

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Hiroyuki couldn't understand what Philippe was trying to say.


She should be hibernated!


I'll be back in a moment.

Everyone seems to have a bone to pick with someone, but only a few people can be philosophical about it.

I still miss you.

He yields to nobody in love of music.

Erik and Sue love each other.


Stay the hell away from me!

Dan didn't even see it coming.

He left the building at about 6 p.m.

They're playing together.

That is sure.

How bad do you want it?

You didn't put the port of embarkation.

That would be so awkward.

She is too drunk.