Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

Some buttered toast floated in the hot chicken soup.

Don't you recognize the symptoms?

You can listen to anything you want.

Brooke doesn't like to make mistakes.

Boyce's passport has expired.

It was a profession of his own choosing.

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We are taking two spare tires.

Dana tried to get Saul's phone number.

She turned bright red.


He told me that he was very tired then.


Did you see the cowboy film on TV last night?

Liyuan got home later than usual today.

There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots; but there are no old, bold pilots.


Panos began to cry hysterically.

Mistakes are made all the time.

Matthieu was running from the police.

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I am not Canadian.


Gunter wanted to go to the lake.

I had no idea this bracelet was stolen.

Let's not talk about school.

We need to talk.

You are covered with a $300 deductible.

Did you swim in the waters of awesomeness when younger?

Would you come with us?

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You should assume that your phone is bugged.


Could it be true?


Let me tell you a little bit of the inside story.

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How long will this cold weather continue?

Phillip was in pain, but tried to hide it.

You promised you'd be there.

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My work at the TV station is handling letters written in by viewers.

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I had resolved to steal one yen to go see it, but we were poor and there was no way I would find one yen to steal around our house.

I saw Hamilton and Donn playing a game of dominoes.

Kerri can't decide whether he should go.

What's the country with the highest population density in the world?

Some rich guy from Boston just bought the house next to mine.

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I won't stop doing it!

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If you need anything, just ask.


No prob.

Sid whispered.

You would never do that.

Do it for me.

You don't have to do that.

Though the Hinamatsuri was originally for both boys and girls, it is now just for girls.

He couldn't corral his anger.

We'll teach you how to read.

I am beginning to like Ken little by little.

Two o'clock would be OK.

They supplied us with food.

Can I ride this horse for a long time?

I got some shampoo in my eyes and it stings.

Please tell them to hurry.

Just fake it.

He is twice as heavy as his wife.

You could do that by phone.


Van is a very good student.

We saw a funny movie last Sunday.

You can't ask her to do that.

The fog reeked of oil.

What Loyd really wanted was some peace and quiet.

Angus said this belonged to him.

I just went out for a run.

If you cannot enjoy solitude, you cannot enjoy the company of others.

And so it seems she tried phoning but it's who was on the other end of that phone that was the problem.

Make one more effort and you will reach the summit.

A Mr. Jones has come to see you.

Where are the parking metres?

I didn't attack them.

Delete his name from the list.

There are ten decades in a century.

It's a hostile environment.

You're always there for me, so if you're ever in dire straits, just let me know and I'll come running.

He can run the fastest in the class.

Cristi's eyes are shut.

Tell me about your trip.

I'm not ready to talk about it.

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We're unusual.

Are you saying I shouldn't be here?

What's Bonnie hiding from?

He sat smoking on the bench.

He could make nothing of it.

Dan entered the facility through a damaged metal grate.

The taste is delicious.

I want you to stay right here.

If you do come up with something, let me know.

You can build anything with Legos.

Show yourself.

Would you ever consider adopting a child?

The activity of foreign trade has been declining of late.

Thanks! I'll see you soon!

You like to hurt to the people.

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Kaj is feeling OK now.

Swimming in the sea is great fun.

Where can you get the best fresh bread?

Because of the drought, the grass has withered.

He checked that all the doors were safely shut.

I had to book a flight for him.

He works hard to achieve his goal.


It is because you work too much that you are sleepy all the time.

I used to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

Why don't you just get a job?

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I had an awful night.

Can this be all there is?

All dogs are faithful.

I'm looking for the same thing you are.

This is the only way to get Emil to stop.


The glass is dirty.

What happened to the generator?

I'm here with my family.

The boy is fat.

You should relax.

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I stuck two sheets of paper together with paste.

I slept like a dog.

Are you sure you're ready for this?

Ungodly men ransacked the temple.

Are you sincere?

Where do you live these days?

I'll take the responsibility on my shoulders.

The whole world is my home.

Suzanne wasn't wearing a seat belt.


Why are you angry with them?

That club is way too big.

I need to speak with them.

What is she still doing upstairs?

Would you like to go out with me sometime?

Stephan didn't want anyone else to know.

The time is up to you.

Let's take a pause. I cannot continue any longer.

Give me that glass! Quick, please! I don't want to die!

Hirofumi looked down at his injured hand.

One of my major complaints about the iPhone is that it doesn't support Flash.

I just keep finding excuses.

Sehyo lives in a huge house.


One of us could help him.

Our company has a long, long history.

Ramon tried to get me to help him.


She was anxious for help.

I love the colours.

Timo told me he knew how to speak French.

Tell them to stop the truck.

You spelled the word correctly.

I went to the wrong door.

Don't sit upon it.

Walk along the river and you will find the school.

Today there is no lesson.

Peter doesn't want to go to Nepal with me.

As a boy I used to lie on my back and look at white clouds.

It was yesterday that I saw him walking down the street.

You must not yield to temptation.

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The investigators tried to pin the blame on the pilot.

Jeanette was in Boston when the war began.

Bob lost 10 kilograms but put it back on again within 12 months.

We had losses with this job.

They are victims of the so-called war.

Why don't you go kill yourself?

Where did he do it?

I don't know what you will do.

I like her a lot.

She prattles on and on.

Can this wait until next week?

The reformed Labour Standards Act will be in force from Jan 1st 2004.

I taught Rajeev how to swim.


As I was going up the stair // I met a man who wasn't there // He wasn't there again today // I wish that man would go away.

How can we best support learners to become balanced bilinguals?

I've been reading this book.


He has little feeling for others.

Anybody who once proclaimed violence to be his method, must inexorably choose lie as his principle.

How can you be so heartless?

Someone is coming round.

He bought a small house in Kyoto.