Give us an example.

Reid sat silently.


To do him justice, he is not a bad man.

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I want Stanislaw to succeed.

I know what to do.

I didn't write that letter.


He cannot speak English, much less German.


Jeffery paid me.

The police didn't find any clues.

Are you dreading this?

Why didn't you follow my advice?

Churchill was very anti-communist.

Have you told Bradley where Rick lives?

Don't worry, I'll be back before twelve.

Slartibartfast was small in stature.

I would never consider building a house in this area.

I have had to be in the hospital for a long time.

It probably weighs about thirty kilograms.


You got your wish, didn't you?

Corpora provide a rich resource for investigating language.

We're taking ourselves too seriously.

Michael leaned in and gave Floria a passionate kiss on the mouth.

I perceived an object looming through the mist.

Karl wants his father buried next to his mother.

You're really too kind.

This highway saves us a lot of time.

I will take you to my palace tomorrow.

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He got his girlfriend pregnant and they had to get married.

We stayed at home because it was very cold.

Would you like to go and get a bite to eat?

Everything went very smoothly.

She is three years younger than Straka.


Bryan saw the cat.


Competence and performance are two different things.

It is obvious why you have a stomach-ache.

Do you trust us?


He was accused of stealing money.

That's what I was trying to do.

Some scientists believe that the greenhouse effect is imaginary.

I think I'm lost.

I think what I'm doing is worthwhile.


Christina and Kieran took turns caring for the baby.

Unless Japan eliminates its unfair tariffs, the U.S. will impose sanctions.

I didn't know them very well.

Don't sweat it.

The weather is cold all year here.

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I abhor violence.

He went on a journey a few days ago.

I don't like what they call a man of character.


Kathryn isn't a good writer.


We reached London at midnight.

We had a storm yesterday.

Bingley had never met with more pleasant people or prettier girls in his life.


Take care of our planet.


We tried to persuade Jim to join us.

We have a surprise for them.

It is not my day.

We had to leave.

This castle tower commands a panoramic view of the whole city.

You have to try one of my cupcakes.

He pretended to be sick so he didn't have to go to school.

Tomorrow I'll go to his house to pick him up.

I have an invitation.


Their job is to wash the cars.

The teacher wouldn't allow us to speak French in the classroom.

Add one teaspoon of paprika.

You're making that up, aren't you?

He publicly insulted me.

Elliott's hands are greasy.

There's something I don't get.

Toby pried up some floorboard, looking for the gold coins.

That is why I came here.

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We have you to thank for it.


My mother used to be into tennis.


Skip forgot the rules.

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I know that you're lying.

To be bored is a sin.

I am already accustomed to sitting on tatami.

Elliot worked at a hospital.

You're going to have to pay in advance.


Many rap songs are degrading to women.

Thank you for doing me this favor.

A heavy heart bears not a nimble tongue.


This morning it was raining when I took the bus.

He was more than a king.

I get the feeling that you want to leave.

You're going the wrong way.

It's already 7 o'clock.

I didn't expect to see you again so soon.

My name is Maria Sara.

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Vishal doesn't have anyone to play with.

Let's give Saul a chance.

On July 20, 1969 Commander Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin Aldrin successfully touched down on the lunar surface.


My name is not Kuzey.

We watched the game while holding our breath.

Love is largely a matter of luck.

We stopped over in Athens on our way to Paris.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Malus is too stupid to be scared.

There are a lot of fish in the sea.


I knew we could count on her.

She went crazy with fear.

Be sure to lock the door before you go to bed.

You're the captain.

Let me get that.


Be careful. That hurts!

She talks a very fast game.

Hungary and Slovakia are neighbors.


Gregor was in here the other day.

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He works hard to achieve his goal.

Jack may have been in Boston with Manavendra last week.

You fainted.

I motioned to her not to smoke.

I think you'll make it if we don't get stuck in a traffic jam.

You should be congratulated.

Let me come to the ball; I, too, would like to dance.

Did you (f.) know that Patty has (/had) a kid?

He will come if you call him.

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I can't believe you're getting married.

Look at all the cool stuff.

Becky knows his job.


That's a waste of time and money.

In a happy marriage, woman is a little blind and man is a little deaf.

It doesn't matter so much.


We are going to have to reserve them.

You've got to stop Ginny from doing that.

He loves taking trips.


No running around.

After a few days, she realized that he lacks in intelligence.

My nose itches.

He doesn't know Kazakh language.

What was it Mongo said?

I recommend that you don't do that.

A third cousin is the great-granddaughter of the brother or sister of a great-grandparent.


She got married when she was twenty-five.

King and Cindy have been in the next room talking for quite a while.

Clarissa has lost almost 30 pounds.

How can three men divide $5? I'll give each of them only $1, and I'll keep $2.

It is rumored that this house is inhabited by a demon.


Turn down the radio.

It's a cool place.

This is our last day here.

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I was wondering if you can speak French.

That's me, that's Jean-Christophe and that's Nicolo.

We'll wait here for it.

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What are some high cholesterol foods that you can easily avoid eating?

These clothes are dirty and need to be washed.

We gave Corey what he wanted.

He took part in the meeting in place of his brother.

I'm by myself.

Thirteen percent were undecided.

That doesn't matter to me.

Lin stayed at a nice hotel.

Elizabeth exited the tunnel at 80 miles an hour.


I know how you feel about her.

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Tuan won't make it in time.


Where did Clark say we should go?

I still have many friends from the Canary Islands.

I am not dead, but that doesn't stop me from being food.

To a mathematician, "almost all" means "all but finitely many."

Two men are trying to get a handle on what's wrong with the car.