They are free from care and anxiety.


That fur coat makes her look bigger.


She's planting flowers in the garden.

Wasn't Lowell supposed to be here?

Lock this door behind me.


Who runs faster, Cris or Indra?

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Everybody in the village looks up to him.

Call an ambulance.

He whittled the stick to a sharp point with his hunting knife.

These are characteristics of the spoken language.

We went to Paris in the course of our travels.

Nick pretends that he just doesn't care.

Should we tell Teri?

He's building up a network of acquaintances outside his office.

What am I going to tell him?

Did you break up with her?

Why is Nguyen even here?

What a bad looser!

Jeff doesn't love her husband.

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Hsuan is fit to become a businessman.

He looked me in the face.

Whatever I do, she says I can do better.


Bruce wishes he could speak French like a native speaker.

What I need is a loan.

Spudboy is way out of your league.

Drive carefully.

There can be only one queen in the hive.

There was a church here once.

I brought you some ice.

Hi, I'm Toerless. I don't think we've ever met.

He looked up the word in the dictionary.

I became friends with at least 10 Americans.

The teacher caught a student cheating in the exam.

It's great out here.

I need everyone to continue performing admirably.

Patrick isn't a very good driver.

We were very careful.

Give me that book, please.

This song makes me think of when I was young.

"How are you feeling?" "Not good at all!"

Gentlemen remove their hats in the presence of a lady.

Hopefully the weather will be just like today.

That didn't happen all that long ago.

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Celia was the one who suggested this.


I am embarrassed.

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We can't prove anything.

She was robbed of her jewels last night.

Mahmoud finished college last year.

I should've been on the first train this morning, but I overslept.

You get closest to Jesus in the tough times, not the good times.

We're lowering ourselves to his level.

In Brazil the prevalence of Asperger's Syndrome may reach 0.5%.

Do you have any non-alcoholic drinks?

Jan's a volunteer.


Do you see anyone here?


I was waiting for Aimee.

I have to keep on working.

The boy scouts went from door to door selling what they had made.

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You should talk to them, too.

Did you move to Venice yet?

I heard the song sung in French.

I'd like to go with him.

You can't escape from me.

Here is the demand forecast for 1998.

You're right when you say how high the wall is; I was nervous at first, too.

Donovan wasn't violent.

Alain has a hairy chest.


Will you get the phone?


You need to stay here.

Pia stared blankly out the window.

I thought Terry did OK.

What a cute cat!

I came back here to get my umbrella.

I'm as free as a bird.

Does depreciation of the yen give rise to inflation?


All you have to do is to take care of yourself.

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Who says I'm afraid of her?

You heard what your father said.

I was invited by an old friend.

They said it would be seen as a sign of weakness.

Let me have a talk with Jakob.

This is an unexpected pleasure.

I bought ingredients for curry on Sunday.

I've loved you since we were teenagers.

There are some questions I have to ask Sonja.

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Nou is lying in bed.

I don't play pool.

We couldn't stop him from hitting her.

The room was hot.

I wouldn't part with that book at any price.

Andre can't do the job by himself. Would you mind helping him?

I had a very strange dream.

Jinny wasn't busy at all.

It was Rolfe who showed me how to do this.


I thought I'd never go back.

Do you think the road is wide enough for cars?

Let us settle the matter without a third party.

It needs to be done.

If you respect yourself, then others will respect you.

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The former president of the United States is the only American who knows the president of every country.

Dory said he didn't feel like going.

I can't risk that.


I really want to leave.


A smell of lilies filled the room.

Should I call an ambulance?

Watanabe is my family name.

Fay's failure to pay rent on time had twice occasioned a penalty. Then the apartment manager warned that if it were to happen again, he would serve Shirley with a ten-day notice of eviction.

President Monroe had to make a difficult decision.

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You are like your father.

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Tell him I said hello.

I don't envy her.

He has a large borrowing from finance banks.

I wish I was with you.

This room is for VIPs.

It was in 1939 that the Second World War broke out.

Don't get a stomachache by eating too much.

I should've listened to Dalton.

May I swim in this lake?

Cotton ranks among the world's most important crops.

Let's have a bake sale.

I mean Jesus, Clara!

He's very nice with her.

I do not expect you to subscribe to my opinion.

Come out here. I need help.


I know that people also speak Interlingua in the Blue Mango Country.

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Sometimes I can't help myself.

Roger hid his money.

Farouk likes playing soccer.

Vickie is in bed with a cold.

They sell things here that you can't find anywhere else.


Nothing is as difficult as coming up with a simple explanation for something difficult.

Would you like me to do that work?

She could smell his cologne.

I got a famous singer's autograph.

His pictures are on display in various European and American museums.

Alex started to get worried when Reid didn't turn up.

Supplies of oil are not infinite.


May I go to the toilet?


I admit that if it weren't for him, the next ten years of my life would have been empty and devoid of purpose.

I've been to Boston quite a few times.

Skip agreed to help us.


Avery watered the garden with the hose.


Someone put something in her drink.

That is not my line.

That is not much of a problem.


Get him to call me.

I told you to keep your mouth shut.

The fighting grew bloodier.

This garden is open to the public and it's free.

I want you to have it.

I'll probably be gone before you get back.

I heard about what happened to Jerrie.

Roxanne could still be here.

Isn't the weather bad?

Last night, I didn't sleep.

You don't need to look for it anymore.

He put too much emphasis on the matter.

He wanted the toy worse than before.

I persuaded him to take on the family business.

Please use it.

Did she go to the station to see her teacher off?

We're way behind.

The water reached my knees.

Joanne won't understand this.


Hubble has two solar panels which are each 2.3 meters by 11.9 meters in size. These panels convert sunlight directly into electricity.

A would-be thief got a big surprise when a group of women chanting "Jesus" scared the intruder away from their commune.

Spanish is her mother tongue.