I've got no secrets from you.

Both parents and teachers educate their children.

Oh yes, that's right.

She studied hard.

Everybody wants recognition.

Janice has unrealistic expectations.


I represented my university at the conference.

This is shameful.

I came here looking for them.

I am learning to play the guitar now.

Anyway, I won't take up any more of your time.

We speak low german, do you?

Stop bothering me!

Eva went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee.

I let them talk.

You're crazy, aren't you?

As a teacher you should try to win the pupils' confidence, that is half the battle.

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He's always kept these rules in mind.

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Were you concerned?

This book is his best effort to date.

Who's that cute girl I saw you with at the mall?

Her carpet is completely white.

Good digestion is essential for the health.

This book is a bildungsroman.

I think we're looking for different things.

As it is, I can do nothing.

That was wrong.

I found his latest novel interesting.

My ears are always ringing.


This is not going to end well.


I would like you to come with me.


He is an industrious student to the best of my knowledge.

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We have a meeting today at 2:30. It'll be a short one.


Please turn on the TV.

The Twitter bird is evil.

Masanobu doesn't want Olaf to sing at his party.

I've changed clothes.

Tell your mother about the trip.

I wonder what it tastes like.

Good luck with your first week and see you again soon!

Is the picture straight?

I don't know the Latin language.


There's no hot water.

I appreciate your comment.

You're not listening.

That's not uncommon.

She did nothing but cry all the while.

The costs kept rising.

Teaching English is his profession.

True science teaches us to doubt and to abstain from ignorance.

Her cheeks were red.

In 1998, Dan Brown released "Digital Fortress". Five years later he completed another best seller, "The Da Vinci Code".

Knudsen is incorrect.

Why am I not writing in English?

I wrote my dissertation about that.

I don't think that's correct.

The play is at eight o'clock.

I wasn't told the truth.

It's often said that best way to learn a foreign language is to learn from a native speaker.


He isn't supposed to come here.

They handcuffed him.

The society was founded in 1990.


I sure am glad you weren't hurt.

Jean-Christophe didn't expect Saiid to be here.

She sells fruits.

His behavior makes me sick.

Just say it once.

I know all about what has happened.

A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client.

The rock has been blasted to make a new course for the stream.

Nothing is impossible for the gods.

I think you can help her.

I used to use Twitter, but then found it a bit boring, so I stopped using it.

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She is swimming in the river.

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I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Travis.

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I like to annoy Blair.

The abandoned city was swallowed by the jungle.

I had intended to visit Boston last year.

Shop till you drop.

I saw the girl swimming in the river.

It's better than the movie.

I always drop in at her house when I go to Tokyo.

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He always speaks ill of his father behind his back.

Where are your keys, Gregg?

I want to buy this dictionary.


Brenda won't let anything happen to you.

Jeremy walks.

Sergei walked to the bus stop.

Ahmet refused.

My father has recently come back to Japan.

In the case of commercial airplanes, private companies compete to sell their product.

I didn't know that soccer was such a dangerous sport.

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She hit upon a good idea.

I heard someone call my name from behind.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation.


Debbie doesn't have a problem with that.

I've already told you all I know about that.

That was totally my fault.

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An idea came to me.

The switch is off.

I prefer a lighter color.


On the chalkboard there's written your new timetable.

You eat food.

Skef is very serious.

He lost the will to carry on.

Has my software been updated?

Those present were all moved to tears.

Have you been promoted?

Radek told me he'd be here by 2:30.

Golden words, in love, do everything.

Kristian never stands up to his father.

In our culture, a man is allowed to be married to only one wife at a time.

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Hilda couldn't keep himself from laughing.

She always walks with a light step.

Don't call the devil, because he can appear.

Although King Harkinian is pretty much an omnivore, as much as a human being could ever be, his favourite food is by far the fabled Munf Munf cereal. One curious exception to his habit of eating everything that's on the dinner table is spaghetti, which he loathes deeply and has decreed that nobody may bring it into the Hyrule Castle. Luigi and Mario are the only people banned from the Hyrule Kingdom for life for violating this order.

I have kidney trouble.


You look fat.

I've got a little extra time right now.

Joyce had an upset stomach.

He is itchy.

Informal diction is always full of mystery and surrealism.

I wasn't looking for Jerrie.

I can't believe I let you talk me into volunteering.

The sunshine penetrated the thick leaves of the trees.

He has no scruples about lying.

There is a lady downstairs who wants to speak to you.

I would rather die than yield.

The boy bent his steps from the path.

He stands alone as a conductor of ballet music.

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Believe it or not, peaches and almonds are related.

Manliness is loveliest when applied with confidence.

Try it by all means.


I don't like any of these hats.

My expertise at the Space Academy was astrobiology, aka exobiology.

Mother took the clothes off the line in anticipation of rain.

I've managed to persuade Molly to come.

I have kids to take care of.

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Come here this afternoon between two and three.

My leaving early made them feel sorry.

I'm not talking to you.


I will do it on the condition that you help me.

How can I turn down the air conditioner?

What time will you come tomorrow?

Craig speaks French only slightly better than he speaks English.

I'm very well.

Don't wait for me for dinner.

A new bus line is scheduled to run between Oldtown and Newtown.

I haven't been able to open this door.

The cave is full of fireflies.

Only yesterday did I see him.

There is no single room available at present, I'm afraid, but you could have a double room at a slightly reduced rate unless you want two breakfasts, of course.


I have to ask them something.

I like those sunglasses.

"Look at the time! I'm gonna be late for school! Bye!" "See you later. Be careful."


Edmund didn't even come close to passing today's exam.

I like fruit.

Beef is more expensive than chicken.

The box is well sealed

Trust me, I'm a doctor.

I just want an affordable place to live.

I don't want to hear any slurping.

Pal, you're a pussy.

He's a liar.

They couldn't catch up with him because he ran so fast.

Case seemed to have a plan.

Illness prevented me from going abroad.

He is very direct about it.

Jef isn't very strong.

The subject of the lecture is already determined.

Sanjay was forced to sell his farm.

Roderick has written several short stories, but has not yet published a book.