She has two cats.

You may as well ask for your teacher's advice.

Prakash wants to know why you're not working here anymore.

"Beckie, is that you?" "Hi mom, it's me."

Grave fears are held for Erick's safety.

He is frequently absent from school.

Do you want some milk?

Graeme likes to garden.

Dan's body was floating in the swimming pool.

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What was Dannie driving?

Six months is a long time to wait.

Who do you think you're fooling?

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Mohammad kept his illness a secret.

I bought the book for ten dollars.

Ricky knew about the robbery.

We are not supposed to drink in this theater.

That should be clear.

She doesn't have any problem in life.

Since her parents are Japanese, Marci usually speaks Japanese at home.

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The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it.


Stay here and wait for her.

Hein is remodeling.

The coach asked the players to give their 110 percent.


I checked my briefcase and umbrella in the cloakroom.


Something was bothering him.

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Vidhyanath is my wife's middle name.


The governor invested him with full authority.

I'd like a word with you.

"Where is my phone?" "It's on my desk."

I'll drive Straka home.

That tastes really good!


This music makes me sick.

We're not certain of that yet.

Almost always.

The post office is adjacent to the library.

Tharen didn't give me details.


I told Vadim that Ramneek was mad at him.


Knute's new book is about Kyle.

You've done the best you can do.

That's not Jack's fault.


All the family meet at evening meals.

Mikey's mind is obviously elsewhere.

The orange alien is orb-shaped with 18 tentacles.

Iced tea had got on my shirt.

I'm not going to talk about it.


I was canned.

I have to call him.

The election results have not yet become known.

We are going to visit our uncle next Sunday.

This system of linear equations has infinitely many solutions.

You are not omnipotent.

My car is parked outside.

Shean put everything back into the bag.

It's a rainy day.

The Medal of Honor is the United States of America's highest military honor.

We can't do it alone.

Tell Mara I won't be needing his help.

When meeting a person for the first time, keep the conversation light.

You convinced me.

Something might fall on you, so be careful.


Stu has promised to give me a ring.

I'm in Boston all this week.

You can't trust Marci.

You can hear her singing every morning.

There was once a bundle of matches, who were all extremely proud of their high descent, for their genealogical tree, that is to say, the tall fir-tree, from which each of them was a splinter, had been a tree of great antiquity, and distinguished by his height from all the other trees of the forest.

I'm getting kicked out of school.

Do you feel any different?


I need band aids.

The meeting of man and God must always mean a penetration and entry of the divine into the human and a self-immergence of man in the Divinity.

The machine takes a lot of room.


I can't see her ruin her whole life.

We discussed the plan yesterday.

Once you did it, never do it again.

Let me check the calendar.

Alexis gave Hitoshi a little more time.


I didn't have anything better to do.


I'm a truck driver.


He nodded to me as he passed.

Has anybody here been to Boston?

I'm going to buy a leather belt.


Your house is on fire.


She is an American.


Children enjoying making a splash in water as they come off a waterslide.

It's pouring pretty hard out there!

Naoto wasn't sure if she was dreaming or if all this was a reality.

I believe that the debate should be carried on.

I honestly don't know anything.

I am very thankful to you for your advice.

There was no way to avoid what happened.

I'm not an owl!

We're working here, and he's just watching.

Let us know how we can change that.

You were amazing.

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Knute told me he was interested in visiting Australia.

He led people to the good land.

Have you found her yet?

I studied for a while this morning.

I'll be back at ten.

That's an interesting problem.

Grace has broad shoulders.

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Saul's stew was so delicious that Vance had a second helping.

I only need this one. You can throw the rest away.

It was Jack that I met yesterday.

I would often swim in this river when I was young.

If you eat well, exercise and drink lots of water daily, you'll still die someday.


I bet it won't be long before Suresh gets here.

It's new and very different.

My wife likes to eat out and so she doesn't have to cook.

I'm sorry, I don't think I'll be able to.

You're both acting like children.

You depend on others' help too much.

Nothing happened here.

He cannot keep a secret to himself.

Shean's back pain was torturing her.


We always knew Leads was no good.

What do you know about Brazil?

The tables have turned.


It was just bad timing.

It could take me ten years to fully grasp what I have achieved.

We're not out of danger yet.


If you have something to say, it's better if you open your mouth and say it.

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Do you ever think of me?

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Barbara is sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.


Let's meet at Shibuya Station at six.

The system is hardly foolproof.

I'll make you what you want.


Daniel likes to read.

How many more pages do you have left to read?

He is endowed with unusual ability in mathematics.

The news paralyzed him.

I wish I had a couple of bottles of good wine.

It must also be assured that the punishment does not exceed the crime.

Watch them closely.

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I saw the mouldering ruin of an abbey overrun with ivy, and the taper spire of a village church rising from the brow of a neighboring hill.


He was taken away by four police officers in the middle of the night.

Amiens is north of Paris.

It may have happened when Rodger was in Boston.


I can't figure out how to transfer MP3 files from my iPod back to my computer.

Christian kept talking.

Guido shouldn't do that.

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This is about as large as that.


Cookie would be a good name for a cat.

Bert figured it would take him a full day to finish painting the garage.

Don't neglect your business.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.

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I am shocked and appalled at what I have just seen.

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He dashed us with water.

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Vadim says he'd rather walk than take a bus.


The construction work is coming to an end.

If anything, the economy in our country is going up.

We don't work for them.

Many municipalities have reduced chlorination and now also use ultraviolet light to sanitize the public supply of drinking water.

Joyce and Shankar met in 2013.

How about tonight?

Hillel told me something nobody else was willing to tell me.

There are three days left till Christmas.

Samuel got paid today.