I was in a rush.

Are you wearing a brand-new suit?

Klaudia is still bothered.

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Kevan pretended not to notice that Naomi was sleeping.


This book is very popular among women.

Soon, swallows will come from the south.

He accomplished the work as planned.

I've never had to work very hard.

Jerrie began to carve the turkey.

The plane took off exactly at six.

I wish this was my stuff.

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It's unlikely that you'll be successful if you don't study a bit harder.

We'll come and visit you.

The question was posed in English.


Mayuko avoided doing hard work.

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I thought he was angry at me because I didn't help him build his house.

Carter teaches French to children.

The road was icy.


You want to find someone with a good education, a good salary, good looks, and a good personality. Don't you think that that's aiming a bit too high?


I don't know how to drive a car.


I'm appalled at how badly those children behave.

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Please let us know if we can help in other ways.


Will you tell me the way to his house?


I'm not surprised by this.

I still haven't told Chet.

Christina must be stopped at all costs.


Antonio and I went to school together.


This song was written by Phil last year.


I usually go shopping on Sunday afternoon.


I'm going now.

What's up with you and her?

You're forgetting something.

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Your mental age is too low.

I guess my job is pretty undramatic.

Hsi isn't charismatic.

There's where I don't agree with you.

If you pig out every day, you're sure to gain too much weight.


"How did Hilda get in here?" "He came in through the window that you left unlocked."


Jamie would probably enjoy listening to this.

Can you keep an eye on her?

Do you want me to help you find Jeanette?

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You're not telling me anything I don't know.

I thought you hated her.

Roxana says he won't get married to Wayne.


They communicate the distance and direction of the food by dancing.

Do you think Pia is untrustworthy?

Society is changing.

The video shows him chugging an entire bottle of whiskey (God rest his soul).

I made them myself.

What's the ideal age for a girl?

How did Lou know what Joni was going to say?


Let me help you with the dishes.

Is Ragnar in any trouble?

I wear short-sleeve shirts in the summer.


Coleen hired Laurel.

Racial tensions remained high.

What department do you work for?

She raised her voice.

Hunter skinned his knuckles.

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The book you're looking for is on my desk.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

The poor educational policy is a detriment to Japan.


Pinocchio, apologize for that, or look out!


Where do they do that at?

Do you want to do this?

Are you really not going?

Let him do this.

I have been to the station.

Barclays manipulated Libor.

If we don't do it, who will? If not now, when?


My mother goes to the hospital in the morning.


Why do you say that he's liar?

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Do as I say.


Horst was afraid.

I know, your busy too.

Starbuck's friend from Austria will visit her at Christmas time.


That isn't the point.


No one equals him in intelligence.


Byron married a Canadian.

That's all they had.

I can't go into detail.

This was a wake-up call for Joseph.

There is no connection.

They'll tell you the truth.

Austria isn't Australia.

He is gone on that girl.

Timo doesn't want to lie to Ronni.

We had hardly arrived when Lucy started crying to go home.

I think we need to ask Jurevis to help us.

The hospital provides around the clock service.

I talked to Jisheng a little while ago.


She has very neat handwriting.

You should've warned me that this was going to happen.

Ravindran turned down the flame.

Take out your notebooks.

I don't hate Linda anymore.

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He knocked his opponent out.

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I'm a fourth-year student at Hyogo University.


Vilhelm is in the lead.

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When can we see them?


There's been a complication.


I never thought something like that could happen.

Ken has more books than you.

We've been through a lot.

The treatment prolonged the agony.

Let's run away together.

Who's the most talented, in your opinion?

Then, finally, she opened her mouth.

I want to learn that song.

Juri has lived in Chicago for a year.


Rajeev left his wife at home with the children.

I'll drive you back to your hotel.

I got them some water.

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Why didn't you tell Susumu that?

In this world you will have trouble.

Have you read the owner's manual?

What did Stacey talk to Lea about?

It was Caleb who drove us home last night.

I've told him where we are.

More winter and spring precipitation is projected for the northern United States, and less for the Southwest, over this century.

That is my sister's camera.

I made a note of the telephone number.

You're all busy, aren't you?

Let's begin by considering the similarities.

He and I are professors.

You mustn't reveal my secrets.


We are not the only ones who believe that he is innocent.

I'm seriously annoyed with them.

We got scraped up.

How old is the oldest one?

There's something strange here.


Stevan returned to the campsite.


I've already gone through several marriages, but none of them gave me the happiness I deserve.


The students of this school can get textbooks for free.

This breeze comes from the sea.

She's raking in the cash.

We need to take them home.

I need your answer by the end of the day.

He emptied the box of its contents.

Stephan wants something more.

Loukas is afraid of his own shadow.

I will give you my red shoes if you will give him back to me.

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Joyce was wearing mirrored sunglasses and a black baseball cap.


Be realistic!

Little is known about Pluto.

The source of many of our mistakes is a lack of patience.

Don't look so suspicious.

The recommended tyre pressure of the average car is around 32 psi.


He is the only person for the job.

Alex is for the most part just an ordinary bird.

They continued eating.