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Smart Speaker growth in 2018: 187%
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Lean value driven approach

Voice Bridge was created by ex-Amazon and Microsoft engineers to bring new technologies to small & midsize businesses to meet customer demand.

  • Lean solutions delivered in weeks not months or years.
  • We partner with technology leaders to optimize and create new value and growth in this rapidly changing environment. Many small and medium businesses succeed in finding their product market fit and struggle scaling out their solutions.
  • We bring decades of experiences in cloud transformations and scaling engineering teams across multiple countries. We deliver in a fast agile manner to capture more business revenue with lower cost!


In addition to our expertise in voice technologies, we offer services tailed to help your business scale up to meet customer demands.

Voice Technologies

The Smart Speaker market (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc…) has grown 187% in Q2 of 2018 alone and is projected to continue growing at a rapid pace. Every year, there are a batch of new devices and services being released. Voice Bridge can help you build the right voice strategy and a single solution that works on multiple platforms.


Still relying on your own physical infrastructure? Let us help you assess if a cloud migration is right for you. Not only will cloud migration cut your costs but also enable you to scale much more rapidly than having to build everything in-house. Whether you prefer Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Service, Voice Bridge can help.

Continuous Delivery

Customer expectations are always on the rise. Yesterday’s delighting feature is tomorrow’s commodity. Your business needs an effective DevOps & Continuous delivery strategy so that you can measure your release cycle in hours/days and not months/years. Voice Bridge can help you architect the right CD system as well as tune your development cycle.

Scale up your engineering

You are ready to scale up your business, but hiring is taking too long putting your strategy at risk. Voice Bridge can help you expand your team in tech hubs around Europe where there is an abundance of great talent at a lower cost. We will make sure to help you devise the right management and communication strategy to avoid common pitfalls of geo-distributed teams.

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